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Podcast #190 from January 25, 2012

Howdy folks, welcome to tonight’s edition of “The Essentials of Life and Wellness.”  Sorry for having been away for a while, we have been super busy in all the work that we do, and everything that’s going on, and every now and then, I just can’t find time in the week to sit down and do a show; but, we’ve cleared the decks tonight so we can get straight away to your questions.  The first question comes from a fellow who has type 2 diabetes; his blood sugar has gone up to 500 at times.  He has since become a vegetarian after reading Dr. Colin Campbell’s “The China Study” book, and his blood sugar level has gone down to 350, which is still pretty bad but better than 500.  He has erectile dysfunction, and he’s asking a number of questions.  His email is quite long, so I will briefly just cover the topics that he mentioned in my answer and my answer to him is:

 “Howdy.  First I have to say that ‘The China Study’ is one of the biggest pieces of contrived junk science ever written.  You must understand that to folks who are vegetarians, their vegetarianism is a religion in and of itself to be promoted and promulgated by any means possible, even if outright lies are used to further their ends;” …and I give him a link to a work that debunks Dr. Campbell's "China Study", and you can just go on any search engine, type in “debunking China Study", and you'll come up with pages and pages and pages from credible nutritionists, from credible scientists, and docs, telling you why Dr. Campbell's assumptions are wrong, and his conclusions are wrong, and a lot of what he said was actually fabricated.  Ok, back to the story:

“…diabetes is not about animal proteins and fats, it's about starches and sugars.  That is why diabetes amongst vegetarian Hindus in India is about as prevalent as among meat eaters here in the US.  Indians love their sweets, as do Americans.  Diabetes is about chronic inflammation of the internal organs that causes fibrosis, and in turn blocks the channels that the beta cells use to get insulin into the blood.  I believe that the best diet is the one man had over the 4.5 million years before he became a farmer. As a hunter-gatherer in the Paleolithic period, man ate a diet consisting mostly of meat, 60-70% meat, leafy vegetables, eggs, and fruit, both fresh and dried.  Physical anthropology tells us that that period was the healthiest mankind has ever been.  Once man became a farmer, he lost five to eight inches in height, lost most of his muscle mass, which in turn cost him a considerable loss in bone density, and most of the diseases in the bony record can be seen coming after the end of the hunter-gatherer period, during the agrarian period. 
Now as to the erectile dysfunction: aside from the fibrosis in the blood vessels the neuropathy is causing to block circulation everywhere, including the organs of the pelvis;  you are having ED problems at 45 because there is nothing in the vegetarian diet to make good hormones from.  The main and preferred material for making hormones are animal fats.  That is why the Hindus in India eat eggs and drink milk; to have the animal fat to make hormones and get the high grade protein to maintain their internal organs and muscle mass. Look at any long-term vegetarian: they look ten to twenty years older than they are, and they have the muscle mass of a concentration camp victim.  Ask any long-term vegetarian how his sex life is, and they'll talk about how wonderfully spiritual their relationships are, and how fulfilling they are, but they're beating around the bush to say that they haven't wanted or had sex in a long while.  Why? Because it takes testosterone, dopamine, and nitric oxide to have libido and sexual ability, none of which vegetarians have in abundance.  That's why vegetarians are consistently looking to make converts to their religion, because they make so few babies that they need outside sources of population.  All of the proteins used by vegetarians are grains, seeds, peas, beans, and pods; all of which are a mini-uterus and all of which are estrogenic.  That does not help sexual function either.  You asked about flax and what I used instead of flax for omegas.  Flax has three times more estrogen than soy. Take a look at the numbers in this article from a Canadian natural oncology journal on what foods to avoid while fighting cancer and after cancer,”

…and I referred him to the article titled "Pytoestrogen Food Sources", which can be found on my website.  Back to the letter: “…to combat all that estrogen vegetarians eat, it takes more than just maca. (Now previously in the letter he told me he was taking a bunch of maca capsules a day.)  It takes not eating the estrogen, period. Also remember that estrogen causes inflammation, so it adds to your inflammatory load.  Here are my suggestions: get your hormones tested.  Test for free testosterone, free progesterone, estradiol, esterone, progestogen to estrogen ratio, remembering that it takes two to three hundred units of progesterone to control one unit of estrogen, and get tested for DHT. My guess is that the test will find you with estrogen dominance, a free testosterone level under 75 micrograms per deciliter, almost no progesterone, double-digit estradiol, double-digit esterone, and elevated DHT.

On curing your diabetes: it can't be done; but it can be greatly controlled.  The enzymes work well at lowering pancreatic inflammation, which will lower your A1C score. The enzymes will keep your circulation in the extremities more open, and fight the neuropathy the inflammation causes.  Inflammation breeds fibrosis growth in the circulation, which blocks the blood supply to the extremities, causing ischemic pain and eventually leads to the death of the limb. Exercise burns excess sugar and improves insulin resistance. Strength exercise grows new blood vessels and as exercise physiology teaches, that 40% of increases in muscles mass are new vascularization, so look to build bigger muscles.  Lowering your body weight or your body fat weight will also help to lower your level of internal inflammation. And if you want those stupid omegas everyone says you can't live without, get them from cod liver oil. The longest lived and constitutionally strongest people on earth are the Hunzas of Armenia.  They have never seen an omega either from fish or from grain.  Their diet is mostly goat milk, goat meat, goat yogurt, eggs, leafy greens, and a bit of very rough bread.  When the vegetarians heard about the Hunzas in the late sixties, they went nuts and made up stories about the Hunza eating mostly "hunza bread" and being mostly vegetarian.  That story was and is an outright lie.  The Hunzas eat what amounts to a Paleolithic diet with the addition of milk.  I hope these ideas help.  Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.“

And one ditty I forgot to add: the average life expectancy for a vegetarian around the world is fifty-six.  He's awfully close to fifty-six.  Forty-one is not that far away from fifty-six.  And most of the vegetarians I have known that have gotten into their fifties have had to become meat eaters once again just to survive their fifties; because by fifty, their testosterone hit the floor, their loss of muscle mass and internal organ size was great and they knew, they instinctively knew, they were shrinking so badly in stature and they could feel themselves shrinking on the insides.  They knew if they didn’t eat meat, they would die.  And these people I'm talking about were super committed vegetarians.  Many of them were doctors, many of them were lifelong vegetarians and health food and health activity followers and after having had this serious decline in muscle mass and in their internal strength and they felt themselves shrinking from the inside, they've started eating meat, and they've all survived.  They all felt better, and they understood why we are omnivores and not vegetarians.

Now the next question that comes up: "Dear Dr. Wong- I fractured my kneecap last November and have been taking four to six Zymessence a day and will soon be going into rehab.  My question is am I taking too much, or am I taking not enough?  One more question: my son is very stressed; he is very quick to anger at thirty-eight and seems to be exhausted all the time. Would Equanimity be helpful, or would you recommend something else? Thank you very much for your answer."

And my answer is: “Howdy!  Enough enzymes are whatever number you need to reduce the inflammation you have.  During the acute phase of an injury, the dose of needs will be higher than otherwise.  There is no toxic level of enzyme intake, as the enzymes have zero LD50, which means zero toxicity. Now, one thing about the patella fracture, the enzymes won't be able to help with: if the fracture went through and through, there will be a ridge of calcium building on the articular side, on the inside of the kneecap; the part that rubs against your thigh bone.  That rough edge can abrade the soft, smooth cartilage beneath it, and cause a lot of pain.  That's just the way the healing from this fracture happens, it can't be helped.  If after healing, you have a good deal of pain from the callous that has formed, if it is seriously affecting the knee causing pain or grinding, then the only answer is surgery.  The orthopedist goes in there and he shaves away or grinds down the ridge of calcium and makes the back of the patella smooth again. 

Now as for your son, at thirty-eight he's going through his midlife crisis.  Estrogen dominance, exhaustion, short temper, mostly from the estrogen and stress, is common and normal during midlife crisis.  Get him a copy of my men's book "Maximum Male Performance." He'll get angry about you getting him this book right now, but he's still in his denial phase about having midlife crisis.  By forty-five he'll be happy he has the information.  Now, a combination of the Equanimity from us and the lithium orotate from might help.  One of each taken together two or three times a day.  Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.  Now, we have seen the need to include lithium in our Equanimity product, and the next batch of Equanimity, which will be made some time in the middle of 2013, will also have the micro amount of lithium in it along with all the herbs that Equanimity usually has and the enzymes to help improve absorption and utilization, and then I won't have to send you to two different places to take two different pills just to calm yourself down and take the rollercoaster out of life.”

Now another customer asked me if I still recommend Super-X because I talk about it in my male performance book and my answer is: “yep, sure do. The Super-X still works well, just remember in reality it has a four hour lead time and not the one hour lead time it says on the label.  Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

Now by lead time I mean how many hours before you're actually going to have sex you need to take the product in order  for the active ingredients to be in your body causing that physiological change to make your wally-wally want to stand up and stand at attention so you can make love all night.  So the lead time on the Super-X, remember when you use it, is actually four hours. So take it before you take your wife or girlfriend out to supper, by the time you get back home, it will be working.

Now the next question comes from a gal who has just been diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer.  She has had a lumpectomy done and surgeons have cleared the margins, she is supposed to start radiation therapy and she wants to know what I think of the radiation therapy and some advice for breast cancer patients.  She also wants to know what my thoughts on tamoxifen are, and if there's a more natural way to go than the tamoxifen and my answer is:

"Howdy!"  As a supplement company owner, I have to tread lightly when commenting on cancer therapy.  In Germany, the Wobenzym at 300 tablets a day or the Wobe Mugos at 100 tablets per day is used in regular oncology to, number one: lyse away the outer fibrous coating of the CA that allows the chemo to get in better and work at lower doses, and number two: eats away the scar tissue the fibrosis caused by the radiation.  Also, it's used post-radiation and post-surgery to lower the incidents or the extent of the arm lymphedema that happens afterwards.  In lieu of the Tamoxifen I would suggest you ask your doc for the drug Arimidex to control the estrogen.  It is the strongest anti-estrogen drug made, and is fairly safe.  Safe enough for me to say that I would use it.  Of natural products, you might use Dr. Chi's myomin from at nine per day, or you can use our Sinest at two before bed and one or two with or after lunch.  You make estrogen between two and four AM, approximately 70% of the estrogen you make is made then, and between two and four pm between 20-30% of the estrogen you make is made then. 

Now tamoxifen does help with breast cancer, but after more than a decade of its use by breast cancer patients, medicine now know that the tamoxifen actually causes uterine cancer.  Also, super important, all cancer patients have a bad internal yeast infection.  Now here in the states and elsewhere it is thought that the yeast is secondary to the CA, but new research and clinical work done in Italy and here is showing that the CA is secondary to the yeast.  When the yeast levels decline, so does the growth rate for the cancer.  The late Dr. Tommy Revis showed me an auditorium full of his patients, all five-year plus cancer survivors who had been stage three and stage four who had gotten rid of their CA by controlling their yeast infections.  The main thing you used to kill the yeast and not kill the liver as the anti-yeast drugs do, was bulk cream of tartar at one to six teaspoons per day.  To find the dose you need to use, use one teaspoon the first day.  The second day, eat one teaspoon two times a day.  The third day, add another teaspoon and so on until you get the runs.  Then go back to the dose you were taking the day before and stay there for three to six months.  Afterwards, take one teaspoon a day for maintenance.  The best source of bulk, pure cream of tartar is a south Texas spice company in San Antonio, Texas.  Hope this helps, be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”
Now here I have to add that there are some cancer clinics, anti-cancer clinics around the world using our Zymessence instead of other systemic enzymes, and they are using a dose of about nine Zymessence a day, three Zymessence three times a day. 
Now despite the fact that the United States considers itself to be one of the most technologically advanced and medically advanced countries in the world, we have one of the highest infant mortality rates of any country in the world.  As a matter of fact, Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than we do, and the thing that separates the low infant mortality rates from the high infant mortality rates are the number of vaccinations given.  The countries with the lowest number of vaccinations, like Japan and Sweden, have the lowest infant mortality rates.  The countries with the highest number of vaccinations have the highest infant mortality rates.  In the science of statistics we call that a high and positive correlation and all because the drug companies want to make money from you and your kids. 

Now I think we covered this next bit of news before but it made the news again so I thought I'd bring it up: aspartame is changing its name to AminoSweet.  Aspartame, which is NutraSweet, is responsible for 70% of the complaints the FDA gets any given year from the year it was first introduced in 1983 until now.  So 70% of the complaints the FDA gets about a food substance or a food are about NutraSweet.  Why? Because it turns into methyl alcohol when taken above 80° and it can do all the nasty stuff that drinking wood alcohol does to you.  But apparently the folks at Searle think that if they spin off the NutraSweet with a new name, they can sort of kind of hide its presence from you, you won't know that the AminoSweet is NutraSweet because the word amino denotes a protein part, and you'll think that it's natural.  You'll think that it's ok. You think that it won't hurt you.  It's all marketing BS.  It's all a ploy to get you to eat more of their poison. 

Now, unlike some folks out there who have bad-mouthed military contractors for a good part of the last ten years, I'm not one of those.  I know that those are brave young men and women who are putting their asses on the line and they're finally getting paid what the danger of the job involves.  How many of you would put your lives at risk for the minimum wage salaries, the near poverty-level salaries that military men get.  As opposed to other countries, the US has some of the lowest paid military men on the planet.  And if an elite trooper can make 6 digit figures by putting his ass on the line defending some liberal, limp-wrist, state department person somewhere in Afghanistan or Iraq, that’s just fine, that's perfectly ok with me.  He's finally earning a salary that is worthy of risking his life, and he's finally being able to support mom and dad, or wife and kids back home without having to put them on food stamps the way a good bit of the military already are.  But in one disturbing development that I'm having to scratch my head about, one of the largest contract companies, a company that used to be known as Blackwater (now known as XE), has been bought out by Monsanto.  Monsanto bought XE in September of 2010.  Now, I think I covered this before, but I have no clue as to what the largest GMO seed producer in the world is going to do with its own army.  Are they going to try to force the rest of us to eat their crap?  Are they going to try to force small nations to buy their poison? Or, do the executives in Monsanto feel so threatened because of what they're doing to the world that they think they need their own army for their own protection? Let's see what happens with this one.

Now I got a link from Anthony about a study shown in the archives of internal medicine that is giving out the warning that patients that used the anti-cholesterol statin drugs get diabetes at a much higher rate than the general population.  And while the study's designers were really careful to say that this was an observational study, this was clinical experience, no real hardcore double-blind studies were done.  This is the real world folks.  Double-blind studies are not real; they're not really in vivo.  They'll argue, but they're really not.  Clinical experience is where it's at; even if it runs contrary to the studies.  Now the clinical experience with things like Celebrex showed that it created inflammation in the heart, instead of lowering it, and it killed people.  Clinical experience with other drugs have shown that they have the opposite effects, or very deleterious effects that were not expected or show up in the studies, or maybe did show up in the studies but the drug companies suppressed it.  So, real life clinical experience is much more valuable than blind research; and the clinical experience is showing that the statin patients, the patients on statin drugs, are falling to diabetes at a much higher and faster rate than the general population.  Now this is very curious because the statin drugs have been proposed to help control the inflammation that happens in the pancreas during diabetes. So, if the clinical experience is coming back showing that they're actually creating inflammation in the pancreas and causing diabetes that runs completely opposite to what the statin drugs are claiming to do.  Let's see what the drug pushers who are making these things say about that study.  And let's see about the smoke and mirrors they're going to put up to try to obfuscate the results of the study.

Now let's see if we have time to answer one more fairly long email: “Dear Dr. Wong, I am a healthcare educator, I have been using Zymessence for about two and a half months and am thrilled with the results.  My 91 year old mom has varicose veins stripped from both of her ankles forty years ago.  They area has been swollen and darker in color than her upper legs.  She had also been having pain in both legs for well over a year.  After about a month on the Zymessence, the swelling has totally gone down and the dark color has lightened and looks healthy like the upper legs, and the pain is gone.  Morning stiffness is lessening also..” 

And then she asks a question about her husband having blood clots and using the nattokinase against that, and she asks questions about the differences in how serapeptase is measured either in milligrams or in units of activity, and she wanted to know which one was the proper way to measure serapeptase and how to tell the difference between serapeptase products available on the US market.  And my answer is:

“Howdy! Yay, glad to hear your mom is doing so well on the enzymes.  Systemic enzymes have a history of lycing away cysts in the kidneys and while doing that work, the best kidney support supplement in the world is Kidney Chi from  Two or three capsules three times a day.  Cysts are a type of fibrosis.  Studies on systemic enzyme use in kidney fibrosis can be read at  According to Dr. Chi, all cysts anywhere are caused in their growth by estrogen, and so a supplement such as our Sinest to lower one’s own estrogen production and block the estrogen we eat or are exposed to will also help.  On the question as to the differences from the various enzyme products, enzymes being active things they are, milligrams tell you nothing about how much activity enzymes actually have.  There are different grades and strengths of enzymes.  So a 4x pancreatin 100 milligrams has substantially less units of activity per gram than full strength 12-14x pancreatin at five to ten milligrams.  Likewise, there are varying strengths in serapeptase, papain, etc.  We look at the amount or activity per gram to tell us the strength of an enzyme raw material.

On the variations of activity in the serapeptase sold in the US, there are several reasons for that: where its made and who makes it, if the actual enzyme maker is handling the raw material or not.  Enzymes are either extracted as with pancreatin or the fruit enzymes, or they are fermented in vats much like beer and soy sauce such as nattokinase and serapeptase.  If sufficient care is not taken either in the extraction or fermentation  process, the enzymes can “die” and lose their enzymatic activity. 

A few years ago a very prominent systemic enzyme product suffered from faulty extraction process in their prime fibrinolytic, that’s fibrosis-eating enzyme, due to their attempts to streamline the process, and that rendered the enzyme dead and the entire finished product suffered a much weaker activity as a result.  The folks extracting the enzymes were supposed to be amongst the experienced enzyme makers in the world, but they goofed big time anyway.
Next, enzymes can be active at fermentation or extraction and yet if not freeze-dried and or not stabilized properly, they will die right then and there, or go active while in a powder or in a pill or capsule, they will eat each other, rendering the raw material or product dead, or significantly less potent.  Enzymes, if not protected against moisture can go active in the preparation or as a raw material and again severely degrade activity. Enzymes are susceptible to heat and acid, temperatures of between 105°F to 125°F will kill most enzymes, and pH’s lower than 6 or 6.5 will also kill their activity.  Unless the enzyme during fermentation is cultured to be heat- and acid-resistant, which means it is grown in an increasing acidic environment and an increasingly warm environment to ensure that the enzymes get used to that high PH and high heat and don’t die off.  Next, enzymes not enterically coated or enterically matrixed, which means they are enterically coated as a powder, once it comes into contact with either the humidity in the air or the acid in the stomach, combined with the internal body heat, will be killed off and reduce activity.  Finally, there is a substantial difference between food-grade nutritional components and pharmaceutical-grade nutritional components.  The pharmaceutical-grade of enzymes and vitamins work much better than the food-grade ones.  Most components in US nutritional supplements are food-grade. Yuck! And most of the enzyme raw material made in the world comes from Korea, Japan, India, and the US.  The clinical experience effects had with these personally has shown me that the enzymes from Korea and Japan are nearly dead, if not dead as  a raw material they are killed off by the companies packaging their materials into capsules or tablets, due to a lack of knowledge as to the handling of these raw materials during packaging, especially due to a lack of stabilization, excess humidity in the air of the plant, or running the tableting or encapsulating machines too fast, and creating heat, which kills the enzymes.  India has been doing fermentation for 5,000 years. The enzyme making companies there are far and away ahead of the rest of the world in making stable, fully active, and pharmaceutical-grade enzymes that are resistant to heat and acids.  The US enzyme makers for the animal enzymes are all pharmaceutical-grade companies, as during the extraction of pancreatin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin from cow or pig pancreas, they also extract insulin that diabetics use to inject themselves with.  Hope that covers what you needed to know; be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

And on that note, I wish you all God’s blessings, be well, and I’ll chat again next week. Bye bye.

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