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Podcast #188 (January 4, 2012)

Howdy, Dr. Will Wong here and welcome to tonight’s edition of “The Essentials of Life and Wellness.” Let’s start off with some sad news. In the past, I have asked you to go to the blog of Colonel Six and read his insightful articles and commentary there. Well, the Colonel is no longer with us.  The combination of physical injuries, partially stemming from having two tanks blown out from under him, severe diabetes, severe PTSD, a failing marriage, and some other things, caused him, on the Saturday before Christmas, to take his own life. The son of a career army enlisted man, Colonel Six’s father served at Ft. Walters, which was back then the US army’s primary helicopter training base. Graduating from Ol’ Miss, he joined the Marine Corps as an officer in the late ‘70s and went on through most of the conflicts that have happened between then and the second Gulf War. After leading the Marine armored columns to Baghdad, Colonel Six went into some nice quiet intelligence work for a few years and then retired.

Now like Reverend James Manning, Colonel Six was a black man who was vehemently anti-Obama. As a Marine officer, a patriot, and an intelligence officer, he knew what Obama’s record had been, he knew where Obama had come from, and he knew where Obama was going. Obama’s links to the Chicago Communist Party, who call themselves democrats, is very, very, well known and has been well documented. Most all of his present white house staff come from that Chicago Communist Party affiliation. The Colonel knew this and he knew what dangers Communism in the white house pose to the United States. And he was in no way shy about letting you know exactly where he stood on the subject of Barack Obama, or on any other subject he got a hold of by the tail. So I have been asked if I thought that Colonel Six had been ‘suicided’ as Vince Foster had been ‘suicided’ during the Clinton administration and my answer is I don’t think so. Could be a possibility he was liquidated but I don’t think so because, having spoken to him on a number of occasions over the last few months, he was very, very, very, ill, he was in an awful lot of pain, and from business to his marriage his world had just about completely fallen apart.

Now, those of you who remember Louis Puller, Chesty’s son. Chesty Puller’s son had his lower extremities vaporized by a booby-trapped Howitzer on his first tour in Vietnam. What was left of his body was riddled through with shrapnel and he was in level-ten pain every day for the entire rest of his life until when he couldn’t take it anymore, when his marriage had fallen apart, when his life had fallen apart, he took his own life.

Now, I ask for your prayers for Colonel Six, for the repose of his soul, and I know some of you hide-bound Christians, especially you Catholics out there, are going to tell me that people who commit suicide can’t get into heaven. You folks are stuck in the same legalisms that got the Jews in trouble and that caused the Talmud-believing Jews to think that they could argue with God and win. These legalisms take none of the situation ethic into consideration and are basically just pre-packed dogmatic answers which Jesus himself would reject as having the letter of the law but not the spirit.

My friend and blogster, Richard Eric Gunby, put it very, very, well in the final words of a treatise he wrote on suicide, and I will quote from him. “There is no sin for which the blood of Jesus does not avail to those He chose and draws to himself.”

So once again, I will ask for your prayers for Colonel Six, that he may be in the bosom of God, that he might finally have the relief from the pain that he deserves for his faithful service to his country and to God.

Now let’s for a second talk about the Marines who are still here, who are grievously wounded. Please go to,, and make a generous contribution to the charitable organization that is helping our grievously wounded Marines. The amputees with their housing, with transportation, with family needs, with rebuilding their lives. Charity Navigator has classified as a four star charity meaning that, as we spoke the other day, most all the money goes into helping these wounded Marines. It doesn’t go into high salaries for the executives or for overhead, the way the Red Cross, the way United Way, the way all those other charities do, where the bulk of the money gets spent on overhead, especially on executive salaries. Here, the bulk of the money goes to the people who need it the most – the wounded Marine amputees who are injured, not only in body, but in mind. We need to give back to these men who have served America so faithfully.

You know, I saw a picture of a World War Two Marine crying, he was an Iwo Jima vet, I believe, and he was hugging an Iraqi War Marine who had lost his right arm. The older Marine was crying. The younger Marine was stoic, standing in his dress blues looking proud and strong. And I remembered that during the Indian Wars, it was the old warriors, the old braves, who sat back at camp and cried when their young men went off to fight the blue-coats trying to correct some of the injustices that were being heaped upon them by the veteran Yankee officers of the Civil War. It’s always the old warriors who realize the loss to their families, their tribes, their societies. It’s always the old warriors who realize the pain that some of these young braves are going to come back with – pain that will last them and mess up their existences for the rest of their lives because the old warriors have been there. The old warriors have suffered through it. The old warriors have paid the cost and keep on paying the cost of having fought for their people. And so now, in my old stage of life, I cry when I see the coffins of our young men. I cry more when I see the tears of their young widows. I can barely control myself when I see the mangled bodies of those who’ve given so much. Their body parts, their faces, their minds, their abilities, so much for the country they loved, for their brothers in arms, for the causes they believed in, fighting in the spirit that all young braves have to preserve everything they love back home.

But what really galls me, what really, really, really, makes me turn the tears into anger is knowing that these two wars we’ve fought, in Afghanistan and Iraq, were lies. That they were unnecessary. That we’ve have all these deaths. All these young men got mangled. All these young men had ruined lives. All these families had their futures cut off for a lie. For a lie that was promulgated and is still being promulgated by the mainstream media and the government. A lie meant to ultimately wrest control of the individual’s life from the individual and give the citizen’s life over to a highly controlled, totalitarian, regime.

Look at the laws that have been passed since these lies started flowing, since these lies started being promoted. Look at the restrictions on civil society that have happened until ultimately, now, with the latest law that was passed, we have no constitutional guarantees to due process of law. Anyone can now be picked up off the streets or out of their homes in the middle of the night and no one will ever see them again. All because of the lies.

Major General Smedley Butler, winner of two Medals of Honor, winner of the Brevet Medal which would have been a third Medal of Honor, winner of the Navy Cross, said at the end of his career, that the only things worth fighting for are our homes and the Bill of Rights. That all war is a racket. And looking back on history, likely every one of our wars since 1846 has been based on lies or our provocation causing someone else to take offense and then, we declare war on them. Whether it’s the Mexicans or the American Indians or the South; the plan to have the Lusitania sunk by assistant secretary of the navy Franklin Delano Roosevelt in cahoots with first lord of the admiralty Winston Churchill, or whether it’s egging the Japanese on and on and on with more and more and more restrictions, with more and more and more economic sanctions until Japanese Pride couldn’t take it anymore and they struck at us. We have been the cause of every war we’ve had since 1846. And why? To further centralization of government and to further corporate gain. It boils down to that exactly. General Butler came to realize that and he said, before Congress, boldly, and I will repeat it again. “The only justification for war is to defend our homes and the Bill of Rights.” So what are we going to do about these sons of bitches in Washington DC, Democrat and Republican, who have just canceled the Bill of Rights? Ponder as to what your actions are going to be.

Now let’s get to some points in the news. A study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences analyzing the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health (mammals are you and me and all the other fur-bearing animals) found that Monsanto’s genetically modified corn caused liver and kidney damage leading to death in test animals. Well, if it does it to test animals, what’s it going to do to humans? Now Monsanto says the studies can’t possibly be valid because they contradict their studies on the safety of their genetically modified corn. As if we trust their studies. But one of the things Monsanto did in their study was that they ignored the differences in the effect between males and females. So if the effect is mainly seen in females and not in males, they discounted the effect entirely. It seems that the genetically modified foods are worse for women than they are for men.

On another note, Dow Chemical is asking the US government for permission to use the main ingredient from Agent Orange over crops in the United States. Now this blends in with Monsanto’s genetically modified corn because their corn is resistant to this chemical and so they can kill away the weeds but the corn is okay. So both Monsanto and Dow care more about their making money and their selling their tainted products and they don’t give a rat’s ass about you, me, or anybody else. I’ll bet you their not going to eat their own crap. So while leaving out the dioxin side of the Agent Orange, they kept the other half of the Agent Orange formula and now the Feds are just about to legalize its use in crops and big agri-business all over America. And you know that Congress is going to say yes to that because Congress has been bought off, paid for completely by big agri-business. These are corporations that are larger and richer than most countries and they certainly have more money, real money on hand, than the US Treasury does. They can buy and pay off anybody they want to, including Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents. Especially Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents. And if you don’t think so, look at who’s going to support the bill. When it finally passes, look at who voted Yea on the bill, look at who voted Nay on the bill, and see if the President hesitates in signing the damn thing.

Now on another note in the news, about ten thousand baby boomers are hitting retirement every single week and to pay for the Socialist Security for all those baby boomers, if they lived, would take more than the GNP of the entire world. That’s right. Not just the US GNP, but the GNP of the entire world. So guess what ain’t gonna happen, folks. Now that’s compounded by the fact that folks who are presently paying into the Social Security system are decreasing in number. The US population, it is now known, is growing at its slowest pace since the 1940s. The nation increased 0.92% from April 2010 to July of this year. That is the smallest increase in population the US has had, likely ever. And usually the only folks having kids are the Hispanics. What happened to you white folks, don’t you believe in having kids anymore? You’re all too busy taking Prozac, screwing around and fornicating, and watching reality television. It takes over two births for every death, I think the exact number is two point five or two point seven births for every death just to maintain a nation’s culture. Just to maintain a nation. Which is why the Japanese, who have something like thirty-some-odd deaths for every birth, aren’t going to have a nation. There aren’t going to be any Japanese in less than a hundred years’ time.

Now it’s not just the white folks not having kids – black folks are aborting seventy per cent of their pregnancies. And I’m sorry, but you can’t complain about some other race holding you down and doing you in when you’re committing genocide on your own people. Ain’t no white guy putting a gun to your head and making you go to the abortion clinic, girl! You’re taking yourself there and you’re killing your own race. Now I understand; Margaret Sanger made it easy for you to do that. A good bit of that was her Talmudic beliefs on what should be done with quote “Inferior races” but we won’t get into the Talmud now because that will be an entire can of worms. But let me just point out that everything that people don’t like about the Qu’ran, Mo got from studying the Talmud. Everything. Jeez, how many cans of worms did we open up right there? Long and short of this diatribe is: if you want to have a nation, if you want to have a people, if you want to have a country, then you need to have kids. If not, you’re falling into what the elites want you to fall into, which is eating soy, eating flax, eating all the estrogen-laced foods, decreasing your fertility, giving yourself all the fibroids and the ovarian cysts and the endometriosis, decreasing the amount of sperm in guys, making the sperm smaller, weaker, and more frail. All that stuff happens from all these good, wonderful, health foods like soy and flax, like all the beans and peas that the vegetarians always want you to be eating because they know that if they increase your levels of estrogen, they’ll decrease your baby-making abilities. And that, in a very weird way, is part of the goal of the elites, because they’re into this big Gaia movement. The save the earth movement. They want to save the earth at the expense of the humans.

So go out there. Eat your maca. Take all the things that help your brain release lutinizing hormone so you can make progesterone so you can make testosterone so you can be manly, so you can be womanly, so you can be more fertile. Guys and gals, eat your zinc, because sperm can’t be made without zinc. Your testicles won’t work without zinc. Gals’ uteruses won’t work without zinc. The prostate and the uterus are the same organ turned inside out, basically, and they don’t work without zinc. They’re the richest sources of zinc in the human body. The 15-30mg of zinc that is the daily adult requirement is wonderful for a one-ounce lab mouse but how many ounces do you weight? Zinc is the basis for all epithelial tissue, internal organs, muscles, skin, eyes – don’t you think you need a little bit more than 15-30mg a day?

Now some doctor, some MD hearing this is going to say, “Where did he get those number from? That came from some nutritional book.” No. It came from Ham’s Histology, idiot. If you would have read the frickin’ thing while you were in school, you’d understand. But no. You slept through class. You crammed for the exam. And as soon as you passed the exam, you dumped the data. Just like all the Magna Cum Laude, straight A, students, they dump the data. They have very little information retention because they crammed and as soon as the test was over, they couldn’t hold the data anymore, it was only in their short-term memory because they didn’t actually memorize it, so they dump it. Try this with any straight A student: find out what some of the test questions are beforehand, or some of the things they’re supposed to know in a particular subject beforehand, watch them cram for the exam, watch them take the exam, and thirty minutes after they took the exam, ask them a question from the exam or ask them a question that they should know on the subject they just finished. They won’t be able to give you an answer. They dumped the data. Cs make the best docs, because C grade averages retain more information than the As did. Besides the fact that the As were always so anal-retentive, so narcissistic, that they don’t give a poop about people. So anyone who maintained a straight A average throughout undergrad, be wary of.

Now once you get into med school it’s a different thing. If you really love the subject, you can make straight As and not go through the dumping of data that I described. But when you’re talking about allopaths, 99.5% of the allopaths in the United States became allopaths, not because they care about people, not because they really want to help folks. Some of them because allopaths because they have easy access to drugs. Come on, let’s be clear about this. How many kids in med school are druggies? A good many of them. And secondly because their mommies told them “You should be a doctor, you shouldn’t work with your hands, don’t get your hands dirty.” I’m sorry, what does she consider surgery? I guess you’re wearing gloves so you don’t get your hands dirty.

These days, medicine is not the fountain of money that it used to be and many of the docs who got into it back into the ‘70s and the ‘80s because they thought it was a fountain of money have become grossly disappointed when the insurance companies basically took over the medical industry and limited their income. You want to find a really smart doc? Go to a doc who studied in a country where the docs don’t make a lot of money. Any Canadian doc is as smart as a whip. Most English docs are smart as whips. I have the highest of respect for Australian and Indian doctors. Any doctors who were trained under the English system are very, very smart. If you can find an Austrian or a German doc who was trained in Austria or Germany, fly to them. But you won’t find any of those here in the United States because they’re not allowed to sit for the exam, because the US guys don’t want the competition of being shown up every single day by a really smart German doc.

But let me get off of this diatribe that I got side tracked on. Do not depend on your MD for nutritional advice because even if he’s got some to give, it’s from some moldy, thirty to forty year old, approved, book. In all the books we studied, in all the books we read on nutrition thirty, forty years ago, were okay for their time. Vitamin Bible was fine, Linda Carter’s works were fine, but they’re dated. We know a lot more about nutrition now. We know that nutrition is more than just vitamins and minerals. And it galls the crap out of me when guys who have never practiced, like that overweight doc with all the facial hair from the University of Arizona that everyone loves to quote, talks about this moldy idea of this particular vitamin and that particular mineral, in terms of supplementation levels and the types of the vitamins and minerals that were available forty years ago. Come on! Break out of the box a little more.

Also, be wary of taking nutritional advice; be wary of taking health advice, from docs who have no clinical experience. This doc I’m talking about has never practiced in his life; he’s taught med school all of this life, since getting his MD. He hasn’t seen Patient One in his medical career. So find yourself the true experts on nutrition. Find yourself the true experts on hormones. Find yourselves the true experts on herbs and you won’t find them, usually, with an MD degree after their names, unless we’re talking about hormones and we’re talking about members of the American Academy for Anti-aging Medicine. They, at present, are the true experts on hormones. Better than any endocrinologist. And I’m sorry I went off on this whole kick, I’m sorry I went off on this entire aside, but a lot of this has been building up because it galls me to give someone the best advice I can possibly give them, the most up to date advice, backed by studies, backed by professional journals, backed by clinical experience, sometimes decades of clinical experience, to have some half-assed, know-nothing, idiot, who just happens to have the initials MD after his name, claim that everything I said is wrong because he’s never heard of it. In other words, some drug rep hasn’t come up to him and told him all this stuff, because you know he doesn’t remember jack from med school.

But this also reminds me of my preaching to you to stop preaching to anyone who is not in the choir. I get questions all the time, eight to ten thousand of them a year, I answer about eight to then thousand of them a year. So I deal with more nutritional health questions than just about anyone else on the planet and when I get the feedback that they’re not doing what I suggested they do because their doctor doesn’t believe in it, “he gave me this drug and said ‘what do you think about this drug?’” People get the healthcare they deserve the same as people get the government they deserve and I’m really, really, sad to think that we deserve Barack Obama but, you know, maybe we do.

And on the note of politics once again, I will send you to,, and read the article Well, Well, Well, Look Who’s Behind John Huntsman. In a fundraising letter sent out on behalf of raising campaign money for John Huntsman, the honorary chairs are Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Okay, now all you conspiracy theorists out there know that Rothschild is a really bad last name to have and yes, she is directly related to the Rothschild banking family and to the women who wear those pictures of the horned Satan around their neck at social events, have you seen those pictures? And, and the other name you will recognize in this fundraising letter, is Ben Stein, because the fundraiser is at Ben Stein’s home. Now Ben Stein isn’t just a kind of comedic guy on television. This is the guy who, if you remember back far enough, was Richard Nixon’s economist. He’s the guy who got us off the gold standard. The American Dollar is worth about ten cents, possibly less than cents, of what it was back in 1970 when we were on the gold standard, before Ben Stein had Nixon get us off the gold standard.   So between the Rothschild and Ben Stein, what should we think of John Huntsman?

And on that note, I’ll wish you all God’s blessings, be well, and I’ll chat with you again next week. Bye bye.

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