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Podcast #185 (undated from 2011)

Howdy folks, Dr. Will Wong here and welcome to tonight’s edition of “The Essentials of Life and Wellness.” You know, you’ve heard me say before that any supplement company that has to bad-mouth or bash somebody else’s product in order to sell you their stuff really does not deserve your business. Well in the health food industry things have gotten so bad with bashing that supposed experts, some with degrees some without, but the ones with degrees have degrees in everything from Botany to Electronics to Medicine to who-knows-what, they’re using the typical Madison Avenue techniques of scaring you into buying their stuff and away from their competitor’s stuff. Now the problem with these scare tactics is that they present a lot of misinformation, sometimes purposeful misinformation meant not just to sell their product but to convince you to adhere to their particular lifestyle because they’ve taken their lifestyle as a religion. These people usually don’t have a faith, these people usually don’t really believe in a God, these people believe in what they are doing and their mission becomes their religion. Let me read you a letter here:

“Dear Dr. Wong, I recently read portions of a book entitled “Supplements Exposed.” In this book the author says that all fish oils are toxic, carcinogenic, and contaminated with mercury. He says that oils become rancid almost immediately and he bashes anyone that recommends fish oil. Do you have any thoughts on this subject?”

And my answer is: “Gee, is he bashing fish oils because he’s selling high-estrogen Omegas made from seeds and grains? The Scandinavians who live on fish oil would be mighty surprised to hear how toxic they’re getting, or maybe they’re not so toxic because most of the facts and figures are absolute bullshit. The high-estrogen omega oil folks have a hidden agenda of causing feminization in men and sterility in men and women because they’re more committed to being eco-freaks than actual health-food folks. We can tell by this fellow’s stance on vegetarianism which is an eco-yuppie religion and not based on any real science or any real fact. And if you want to convince yourself on that, a thorough debunking of vegetarianism can be read about at  HYPERLINK "" Now, even for argument’s sake, if the toxicity claims were right, these days it’s much simpler to detox using activated liquid Zeolite and chlorophyll than to undo gynochromasty, which is breast-growth in men than to undo impotence, to undo sterility. My suggestion is to use Core Omega from Denmark, unless you like growing man-boobs, losing your hair, having your prostate swell, and having your voice get higher from all the weak, low potency, and unsafe estrogen. Remember, there aint no good estrogen. By the way, we have no connection with Core Omega or any of the folks who sell it. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

Now before somebody out there wants to point out to be that vegetarianism is part of certain religions, yes that’s true. And for our Hindu friends and our other friends that practice vegetarianism because it’s part of their faith, you see, it’s part of their faith. Now, for all the vegetarians out there who have taken up vegetarianism because it has become their religion because they have no real God, and vegetarianism and natural health and this form of natural health has become their object of worship, those are the folks I bash, and those are the folks who are always trying to sell the idea to someone else. Just like the brand new born-again Christian has to go around telling everyone what he’s found, what he’s become, and trying to convince everyone else to join because then that makes his own being born-again confirmed and okay. Other people agree with his position. So likewise vegetarians are trying to convince other people to become vegetarians to reinforce that they’re having become vegetarians was the correct thing to do. Understand that? Okay, good.

Now the next question reads: “Dear Dr. Wong, do you have any supplements that will help put on muscle when a person works out?”

And my answer is: “Howdy. Come on, you’re not a teenager anymore. Why are you believing the myth that supplements can grow muscles? The last one that actually could was Rio H. Blair’s protein supplement in the 1960s, and the secret of making that one died with Blair. None has really worked since then. Muscles grow in response to two things. Firstly, as an adaptation to a form of training that is meant to promote muscular hypertrophy or muscular hyperplasia, and from a positive nitrogen balance caused by a high testosterone level. If you eat one gram of protein per kilo of body weight, that’s all you need to grow muscles. If you have a high testosterone level, that’s all you need to grow muscles, if your training has the correct weight-to-repetition ratio and intensity, that’s all you need to grow muscles. Testosterone really is the secret to muscle growth to all except for the bodybuilding supplement-making crowd. There are no other secrets. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

You know, fully one third of the health food industry are bodybuilding supplements, and they will promise everything from a hard wally-wally to pumped up beautiful muscles that will make you look very nice on ze beach, ya? And honestly, the money spent on those supplements is mostly an absolute waste. If people put in the intensity that they needed to put in in their training, if they got the rest that they needed to get in between training sessions, if they ate less protein than they think they need, and bodybuilding mags are always telling people they need two to three grams of protein per every pound of body weight, which is a recipie for kidney stones and glomerulosclerosis, which is fibrosis buildup in the kidneys, and you eat this latest-greatest stuff made from grasshopper legs and you eat something else and you do this and do that and its all B.S. As I said, the only supplement that ever really worked to build muscle was Rio H. Blair’s protein and no one, absolutely no one has built a product like that since the 60s, no one is using his ratio of fat to protein that he told bodybuilders to use, and no one has had the success since Blair of building beautiful muscles just by using a protein supplement and exercise. His was the only supplement that ever actually worked at building huge masses of muscle, and no one, no one was able to figure out why his stuff really worked.

Now the next letter reads: “Dear Dr. Wong, my husband who is only 42 got diabetes two years ago and has not been able to take care of himself with medication. He is working on the things he eats and tries to take care of himself, but he has lost a lot of muscle mass. He gets sore when he does stuff now, when I hold him he feel completely different. He was a big strong guy, could pick up a car, carry a couple of men, work hard all day as a contractor, go hunting in snowstorms et cetera, but now he is hurting. The last six months he began losing the hardness in his penis and the last few weeks it’s been hard for him to get an erection at all. It doesn’t seem to bother him as much as it bothers me. I don’t say anything, but please help him. I spoke with him today and he seemed hopeful when I told him he would write to you. I know he wishes he had more desire. You used to sell a testosterone cream, didn’t you? I don’t see any more listed in your products, is there something better now?”

And my answer is: “Howdy. I think you are mistaken, as I have never sold a testosterone cream, testosterone is a prescription item and it has to be said that by 40 and with diabetes, your husband’s got a double whammy. 40 is when most men begin to lose their muscle mass as they become estrogen-dominant. Estrogen is also what causes the internal inflammation which can bring about a number of conditions including diabetes. Between 40 and 45 is when most of the pro-testosterone supplements stop working in 50% of the men, and by then it is better to use the medical testosterone as in the injections, implants, or gels, and that is my best advice for you. I’d love to sell you supplements but they likely won’t work as well or as economically as the prescription testosterone he can get from his doc. The only thing I would add to the prescription testosterone is the use of our Sinest to keep the testosterone from converting to estrogen as testosterone often does in guys over 40, just take two capsules before bed. On top of that, if he can get a prescription for Cialis, that is the top of the line erection helper. Now hear this: being a guy over 40 sucks, and it only gets worse by 50, so getting on the T, getting on the testosterone now, and getting stronger again will keep a lot of what will happen post-50 from being so bad. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

Okay so I could have sold this gal a bunch of stuff, but its more than likely with her husband’s myriad of troubles, the supplements would not have worked, because remember: 50% of the men who have gone into andropause, that’s male menopause, do so because their pituitary stops sending the signal for the testicles to work, but in 50% of the men, it’s the testicles themselves that have stopped working. The pituitary is fine, sending the signals down to the testicles, but the testicles have basically gone on strike forever, they will never  regain function again, never regain full function again anyway and they have stopped making testosterone, just like at a certain point in time, a gals ovaries say “Vasta. Enough,” and they don’t put out eggs anymore. For these conditions there is nothing better than the medical testosterone, now the medical testosterone is extracted from the testicles of cows or pigs or made synthetically, and now don’t get all bent out of shape by that word “synthetic,” it is whittled down from natural substances such as cholesterols, because a sterol is a fat, a hormone is a fat, remember that, so they take Mexican yam, or soy, or some other vegetable, or even eggs with a high fat content, and animal fat lends itself wonderfully to being turned into a hormone, they whittle the fat molecules down until they come up with the molecular structure for whatever hormone they are trying to make. Remember, making a hormone is a process of whittling away at fat to get to the structure that you need to have, and when you create those hormones from the soy or from the eggs or from the Mexican yam, there’s nothing left of what they originally took the hormones from, all that’s left is a bio-identical hormone that matches the ones that you make or used to make.

And speaking of hormones, Janet has sent us an article from the Life Extension Group showing that a study has proven that the hormones that are urinated out of women from their birth control pills, from their HRT, have leaked into the water supply, have leaked into the food chain, and are now increasing the rates of cancer in guys and gals. Now the study focuses particularly on the increasing rate of prostate cancer in men from the amount of estrogen found in the drinking water. Now having lived in Arizona, Phoenix has a history of having a lot of seniors move there, they move there because of the nice warm weather, its bloody frikken hot there; turn your oven on to 120 degrees, stick your head in it, that’s what Phoenix feels like most of the days of the year, but aside from that, most of these older gals are on HRT, so there is a part of town called “Sun City,” gosh I hate that place, but the water there is so estrogen-filled, the water that they extract from the wells, and I have to tell you, the aquifer under Sun City is 5 miles deep. And yet, that aquifer is contaminated with estrogen to the point where guys and gals are getting sick from it. So if you remember my admonition that 95-98% of all cancers are driven, are sparked, are created and then driven in their growth by estrogen, then this finding by the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto should make you all stop and rethink as to why we’re using so much estrogen, as to why the docs are giving so much estrogen and why just about every gal over the age of 40-45 is on supplemental estrogen. When progesterone can do so much more for them and not be anywhere near a carcinogenic, if its carcinogenic at all, when testosterone can be a wonderful thing to give these gals, a progesterone-testosterone mix would be a blessing for 99% of the women on the planet, why are we pumping them so full of estrogen to the point where it has now become so rife in the environment and causing health problems elsewhere down the line. But I will bet you dollars to donuts that medicine does zero, nothing about this finding because its helping to generate business, and  the business of the  drug industry, the business of the hospital industry, the business of the medical industry is to stay in business and create more business. That gives them abundance, that gives them profit. I've got nothing, nothing wrong with profit, nothing against profit, but there is a difference between profit and profiteering, and the medical industry has forgotten whatever oaths they ever took to keep people safe and well and they are outrightly profiteering on human disease and death.

Now we’ve been bathed by the Mainstream Media lately of all sorts of stories and snippets on how wonderful aspirin is for everything from preventing a heart attack to preventing cancer. There is one dissenting voice besides mine, and it is coming out of Malaysia. In an article, this writer warns that we have forgotten that aspirin can kill people. We have forgotten that aspirin can cause excessive bleeding of the bowels, kidney failure, liver failure, and it can do all that a heck of a lot faster than you would ever get any of the diseases that aspirin is supposedly helpful for. Dr. Yap Pionki wrote in the Online Star a warning about the dangers of aspirin. His article is very well researched, very well documented, gives you a whole history of aspirin and what might happen. Now another thing that’s bad about aspirin besides the rebound effect that happens when folks stop taking their daily aspirin… Oh, did you not hear that podcast that I put out about a year or two ago? Well let me tell you about that study. When you stop taking a daily aspirin, if you’ve been taking aspirin for longer than three days, all of the sudden your risk of getting a heart attack increases by how much? About 85%! That rebound effect has not been found with any other agents that thin the blood, it’s just been found with aspirin. One more thing that has popped up in research: all those people who have been advocating the use of aspirin to prevent cancers or to fight cancer, it has been found that people taking one aspirin a day, your typical baby aspirin a day, have increased their chances of getting pancreatic cancer many many many fold. I’m sorry, I forgot the number, but it was a double digit number. Now, I’ll tell you that of all the cancers a person can get, pancreatic cancer is the least curable. The only fellow who had a really good success rate against pancreatic cancer was Dr. William Kelly, and they persecuted him almost to death. So with all these stories telling you that you can prevent colon cancer, this cancer, that cancer by taking a daily aspirin, think about aspirin’s propensity to creating pancreatic cancer. Think about the survival rate of almost zero from pancreatic cancer and rethink your wanting to take the aspirin.

Now, Kershore sent me a heads-up to an article by Charles Poliquin, the famous strength coach, titled “The Ridiculous New Cholesterol Guidelines for Children.” I urge you all to go read this article at, again the article is called “The Ridiculous New Cholesterol Guidelines for Children” and as always, the medical industry is looking to expand the sales of its products, the sales of its drugs and since the sales of the staten drugs are collapsing for adults because they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do in preventing heart attacks and strokes, now they want to sell them to kids, or they want kids as young as nine to be cholesterol tested. But wait a minute, cholesterol is what kids make hormones from and in growing, they need the hormones. Cholesterol is what builds brain tissue and nerve tissue and they’re growing, so they need the cholesterol. Cholesterol is what helps make bile and bile is needed for digestion. Polquin then goes on explaining why cholesterol is good for children and why the drug companies are so out of their depth of their understanding of human physiology and raising the fear, remember this Madison Avenue thing, specter of fear of heart attacks and strokes, and their future prevention to sell you the statens and what other have the staten drugs and the anti-cholesterol craze helped to do for adults? Hasn’t decreased the amount of heart attacks and strokes that have been happening by one bit, and has greatly increased the amount of Alzheimers disease we have from four patients per every one million population to the epidemic we have today because its caused brains to shrink. I rail about this almost every single show. And again and again like a hydra, like an octopus, the medical industry tries to get its tendrils around the health to make them sick to permanently create more customers, forget the word patients, when you are dealing with doctors or the medical industry, change the word “patient” to the word “customer” and you will understand your proper relationship with your doc in the medical industry. You don’t stay in business by turning away customers, you don’t stay in business by making it so that your customers don’t do repeat business, you only stay in business by making your customers dependant on you and getting that repeat business, even if it means messing up their health for life. Because the heartless SOBs who run the medical industries of the world are absolute Satanists, we know they are, and their real goal is the weakening and devolution of mankind.

Now to all the folks out there who wanted to not take care of their bodies because they thought their brains were much more important than their bodies were just vehicles to carry their brains around, University of South Carolina has shown that exercise can strengthen the brain. Well howdy-do! Now for years it’s been known that one of the ways that exercise remodels muscle is by increasing the number of mitochondria, the energy-producing centers in the muscle, it increases their number and improves their ability to breathe and to create energy. Likewise it’s been found that robust exercise increases the number and strength of the mitochondria inside of the brain. Now not only is this a good fine because of the possible use against neurodegenerative disease, it’s also a good finding because one of the things that suffers as we get older is the cellular respiration in our brains, that cellular respiration is the job of the mitochondria, that energy-making energy-utilizing part of the cell creates adenosine triphosphate; 33% of our body’s daily energy, 33% of the ATP you make in any given day is taken up by the brain. The other 33% is used by the eyes. The last 33% is used by the entire rest of the body. So your brain uses fully 1/3rd of all your energy production on any given day. So the less mitochondria you have in your brain cells you have, guess what? The less energy you make, the less brain power and brain ability you have. So get off your ass, go work out. You’ll not only be younger and stronger, but smarter too.

Now also in a study that could be related to that one from South Carolina, published in the Journal of the Federation for American Society for Experimental Biology, they found that women who exercised, their children had a much lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s or developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s. Why? It all had to do with exercise’s ability to change genetic expression and in the simplest way I can put the findings, exercise made the infant’s brain stronger, better formed, and with better neurological abilities. If you want to see the abstract of that study, go to Science Daily, the article is titled “Pregnant Women Who Exercise Protect Their Offspring Against Long Term Neurodegenerative Diseases,” and it was published on the 26th of September, 2011.

Now coming up next week is Thanksgiving.  Now Thanksgiving is a fairly exclusively North American holiday. And yes we are still fairly religious in the United States, even though religious belief is dwindling severely, and as one Sociologist who I’m sorry, his name completely eludes me now has pointed out that the lack of religious belief and the lack of morality comes the lack of progress in a society and it shows that that society is in its death throes. This observation was based not just on psychology but based on past human history. And I believe it’s very insightful, I will be finding you the exact references to this work and I will be citing them and making them available to you so you can go search this bit of sociology out. To me, to me sociology has always been akin to psychobabble, it has been an excuse to allow for people’s immoral and bad behavior. But this sociologist had a completely different bent in psychology, he understood history, he understood what caused a society to grow and flourish, and then what caused it to self-destruct. Remember the historians have always pointed out that societies do not get destroyed by exterior forces, they all commit suicide. And Western society has committed suicide. Western society has put the bullet in its brain, we’re just taking the time to bleed out, it wasn’t an instant kill.

But getting back to Thanksgiving, even in these hard economic times, even faced with all the things, all the problems, all the disillusionments, all the heartbreak that many are being faced with, we need to look inside, we need to look up, we need to reconnect with God, and remember that the more we thank God for what he’s blesses us with, the less we will ever have to ask him for anything because all of our needs will be taken care of. And when they’re not, what is it in your lifestyle, what is it in your beliefs, what is it in the way that you conduct yourself with others that you’re not getting back from the universe what you think you should be. Are you giving out what you think you should be getting back from the universe, or do you consider getting to be a one way street?  This is where the law of karma works very well in with Thanksgiving, because if you want to get nifty and good stuff, if you want God to smile in you and give you economic progress, maybe we need to help others achieve the exact same thing that we want for ourselves. Maybe we need to reach out to others and give them a hand. Maybe we need to ask less for stuff and ask more what we can do to help. Remember the admonition of Saint James and Saint John, that faith without works is dead. There Saint Paul, take that. And on that thought I wish you all God’s blessings, be well, and I’ll chat with you again next week. Bye bye.

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