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Podcast #183 (undated from 2011)

Howdy, Dr. Will Wong here and welcome to tonight’s edition of “The Essentials of Life and Wellness.” If you remember in last week’s show I told you about a study published in the AMA Journal showing that those who take vitamins have a shorter life expectancy. Well, turns out I was absolutely right, that study was fabricated and it was put together by a bunch of mainstream media folks who have links to who? The drug companies. And I was also right that the release of the study in the AMA Journal was timed to help Senator Dick “The Dick” Durbin’s anti-supplement bill which is pending before the Senate. I will send you to Mike Adams and his, that’s Read the article “Media Hoax Exposed: Recent Attack on Vitamins a Fabricated Scare Campaign.” I will repeat that title because it’s wonderful. “Media Hoax Exposed: Recent Attack on Vitamins a Fabricated Scare Campaign.” Brought to you by your friendly drug pushers who write prescriptions.

And again I will reiterate another point that I made: if they’re taking that much time, if they’re taking his much effort, if getting rid of supplements means outright bold-faced lying in the professional journals, which are supposed to be above suspicion, boy, you guys must really be getting healthier out there using supplements and they, (the medical industry), must really be loosing an awful hell of a lot of money.

Now there is a new study out from the Department of Epidemiology from the New England Research Institute showing that lower testosterone levels mean a higher mortality in older men. In other words, old guys who are really really really super low on testosterone do have shorter life spans, oh wow! Imagine that. And they have crappier lives to boot because they’re weak, they’re wimpy, they can’t get the strength up to perform their activities of daily living, they can barely walk across the room. You know the guys I’m talking about. I know a guy who is a 90 year old doc who used to fly for the Luftwaffe and he has a testosterone level of a horse. His total testosterone level mind you; total testosterone level is not a good indicator of how much useful testosterone you’ve got,  but his total testosterone level is up in the four digit numbers, and that’s without doing or taking anything besides just his supplements. Told you those past generations are really strong people, the strongest folks that have ever been in the United States were the World War I generation, their kids in the World War II generation were smaller and generally weaker or wimpier than their moms or dads were because they suffered malnutrition during the Great Depression. But still the World War II-Great Depression generation was still physically stronger than the baby boomers that followed them, and then the X Generation that followed the boomers, and so on and so forth. Each successive generation has gotten smaller, weaker, and wimpier, especially since the advent of soy formula. So don’t expect folks in the boomer generation or after to have four digit testosterone levels are age 90 the way my friend does, but again that’s just my personal commentary to this news study and the study again shows that older men with lower testosterone levels have shorter life spans and I will add, sicker and weaker lives. You know it’s a goal of anti-aging medicine to get every guy back to the testosterone level he had between 18 and his early 20s, and that is about the number that my friend had. Now not that things are not going wrong at 90, you know you can only drive a car for so long and no matter how well you take care of it things are going to begin to break and fall off, so by age 90, most of us will have several things broken and fallen off, but off the top of my head now I can think of two 90 year olds, a guy and a gal, who’ve taken very good care of themselves, who have eaten right, who have taken supplements their entire lives, who have always strived to help others, and these two folks stand now in their 90s strong and able, with full mental abilities, with most of their physical capacity, and they’re still healthy and they’re mentally happy.  How many folks in their 60s and 70s can say that, much less folks in their 90s?

Now let’s go into your questions. First one is: “Howdy Dr. Wong, can you tell me what to use instead of Viagra, it gives me a headache and a stuffy nose.”

And my answer is: “Howdy, all PDE-5 inhibitors, be they drug or herbal work the same way and will produce the stuffed up nose and sinus pressure. The same opening of blood vessels happening in the penis happen everywhere else, including the brain and the heart. It’s impossible to localize the effects. Good thing your brain and heart are getting the extra circulation. Get a bottle of 4-Way quick-acting nasal spray, not the 12 hour, and use it every two to three hours while the effects of the drug are working and until they wear off. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”
Now the next question is about one of the fake studies just like the one we talked about at the beginning of the show and here goes a question: “Howdy Dr. Wong, I am a longtime customer. In today’s paper, the Las Vegas Review Journal, there was a major and long article about vitamin E found to raise the risk of prostate cancer. Can I get your thoughts on this from your experience and education?”

And my answer is: “Howdy. I highly doubt the validity of that study, the drug industry has gone after vitamin E because it is truly a wonder, but if there is any truth to the work, it is not a problem with the E, but in the soy oil that 99.8% of those who package vitamin E put in to stabilize it. Vitamin E must either be dried as ours is, or mixed with an oil to keep it from degrading and losing its effects. The oil of choice for most of the folks in the nutritional industry is soy because soy is cheap, and in so doing mixing the vitamin E back with the soy oil, they are increasing estrogen levels of folks who take it. Estrogen turns into di hydro testosterone and either hormone will cause prostate cancer. A much more valid study would be to study the prostate cancer risk of men who cook with vegetable oil which is now 100% soy oil.  Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

Remember folks, if you’re cooking with vegetable oil, the vegetable in question is soy, ain’t no doubt about it, unless you’re cooking with corn oil or coconut oil or olive oil, you’re cooking with soy oil. Now, the canola oil, the rapeseed oil, which is very popular amongst those folks who still think that lowering their saturated fat is good for them, i.e. those zombies who still listen to their doctors and all their crap about polyunsaturated fats regardless of the fact that lowering your saturated fats kills your brain, but lets not get to that again, I’ve touched on that in a bunch of old shows; folks who still believe that they need to lower their saturated fats and they use rapeseed oil, you know, rape seed oil, otherwise known as canola oil, because its from Canada, or originally was from Canada, rapeseed oil had to be treated with gamma rays because if you don’t irradiate the rapeseed oil with gamma rays, guess what? It causes blindness. When they first tried to use rapeseed oil as cooking oil, this happened in Spain: 1,200 people went blind. The rapeseed oil was an unmitigated disaster. So then they found out how to get rid of the toxin in the rapeseed oil by using gamma rays and then they renamed it canola oil, and then it was ok. With all the radiation flying about the world do you really want to be drinking an oil that has to be treated with gamma radiation in order to not make you blind? Wouldn’t you rather eat something else?

Next question is: “Hello Dr. Wong, do your enzymes contain both active and non-active forms? Where do the pigs come from? Here in the U.S., or from other countries? Is the pig fat diluted out of the process, or do you keep a certain portion?”

And my answer is: “Howdy. By a non-active enzyme, do you mean one in suspended animation or dead? All enzymes not in a liquid can be stabilized and rendered inactive so as to keep them from becoming active in the preparation and eating each other, thus degrading the product. A fully dead enzyme has no enzymatic action at all, and those products are absolutely useless. Unfortunately many of the firms packaging enzymes today don’t have a bloody clue as to how to stabilize an enzyme or to put them in suspended animation and to keep them alive so that they can get active again once they become wet. The pharmaceutical-grade porcine enzymes come from the same pig pancreas medical insulin is extracted and made from. There is nothing else in the pancreatin but the enzymes themselves, the extraction process is that thorough.”

Now you know we get e-mails all the time that are actually plants from either other nutritional companies or the FDA or from God-knows-who, trying to get us to say nasty and bad things about other folks or to say and make medical claims that would violate Federal law, (can’t do that), or have some other hidden agenda. This email was obviously one of those, which is why I read it the way I did. You would be amazed at the nutritional companies that go fishing, trying to get the secret of suspended animation of enzymes out of me, when really all they had to do was read a textbook of proteolytic enzymes, or am I making an unfair assumption in thinking that my competition can read?

Now in case I am having a senior moment and I did not cover this new study with you in one of the prior shows, I will again send you to, there’s an article by Ethan Huff on how unvaccinated children are far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated kids. This study showed that vaccinated kids are, are you ready for this? 250 times more likely to get sick. Two hundred and fifty times more sickly than unvaccinated kids because vaccinated kiss don’t have the mercury, don’t have the monkey viruses, they don’t have the “attenuated” viruses which means weakened but still alive that their doctors pumped into them in all those double-digit number of inoculations. You know when I was a kid, inoculations were not new but we got mainly twelve tops. I think the number of inoculations kids are facing these days is upwards of 30 to 40 of them, some of them starting at birth. I’m not talking about the vitamin K injection that kids are routinely given when they are born to keep their blood from getting too thin, I am talking about the things like the hepatitis inoculation or the papilloma virus inoculation that the government was insisting kids get at birth. They killed so many beautiful babies injecting them at birth that the federal government actually had to back off on their demands for inoculation of kids at birth, now it’s voluntary but “highly recommended.” You tell any nurse or any doc who sticks their permission slip in front of your nose, holding the pen anxiously in their hands waiting for you to sign away their children’s health, you tell them the shove it up their backsides or you shove their foot up their backsides and turn is sideways. YOU are the protector of your child’s health, not some nurse or some doc you will never see again, not the industry that only cares about its bottom line, and making money off of you aside from lowering the population according the Agenda 21 of the United Nations, and aside from whatever the Satanists may want to provide their master in terms of a child sacrifice, you are the final protector, the final Arbiter, you stand between your beautiful new baby and death, destruction, and disease. What are you going to do? Which side are you going to fall on? Are you going to fall prey to the “Oh, but you’re not taking care of your child if you don’t give them these inoculations!”

Knowing what you do, especially with this new study showing that inoculated kids are so much sicker than non-inoculated kids, are you really gonna fall for that line of crap, for that guilt? Don’t let anybody guilt you, you know, I came from a Catholic background as a kid, my mother was Cuban and Cubans throw guilt around like crazy about as bad as the Jews and the Italians do. The old joke is that the Jews invented guilt and the Catholics perfected it, partially why I became Orthodox. Then for almost twenty years I was married to a Jewish girl so you can imagine the guilt there. There comes a point where you have to take all the people who are trying to guilt you into doing something and tell them to go fuck themselves, you’re not taking it anymore, you’re not gonna listen, you’re not gonna put up, and you’re not gonna be manipulated by guilt. You’re not gonna change your mind, you’re not going to not follow your heart, you’re not not going to do what you know is best because someone is trying to guilt you. The second you are not to susceptible to guilt, everyone from the government to family to spouses to God-knows-who is trying to get you to do stuff, will lose their handle on you and you become a free person, a free child of God, answerable only to him.

Let me tell you about a book written by a guy I don’t like. I’m not gonna explain to you why I don’t like this fellow, safe to say that I’m a very down-to-earth guy, in my heart, I am a Franciscan, I don’t like being around people or dealing with people whose noses are so up in the air that their noses need landing lights, and I have always believed in having Western manners, and Western men don’t brag on themselves, they brag on their friends. In the light of that, let me tell you about a book you should read called “Death by Medicine.” “Death by Medicine” is one of the best documented books on why medicine is the leading cause of death and why medicine doesn’t care. The book is again called “Death by Medicine” by Gary Null.

Now there is a fellow who is a senior-class heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler that I’ve been communicating with, and he despite his injuries had come in second in his class in the World Championships. Now let me read you his email: “Howdy Dr. Wong, I went to the world championships and placed second. Thanks so much for your help. I think I am going to do it again next year in Hungary. I am so grateful for your generous advice, thanks is not enough, Rex.”

Now one of the things that we dealt with was not training like a kid. Kids can take all sorts of overtraining, all sorts of punishment, all sorts of whatever, and their bodies still have the recovery ability to more or less put up with it for a certain period of time before they burn out. Well seniors, i.e. folks over 35, don’t have the recovery capacity that kids do and they don’t have the energy-generating capacity that kids do, so I order to get lean, mean, built, and fit, we need to train differently than kids do and we need to train less than kids do. Because the only advantage to being over 35 when it comes to exercise is that you can do half the work a 19 year old does and get twice the results because your threshold for adaptation is lower, we’ve spoken about this before, you can go take a look at those shows where I’ve covered this in the past, you can take a look at those shows where I talk about threshold of exercise, so given the lower energy levels, given the higher propensity toward injury, given the fact that we have a lower threshold for adapting to the exercises that we are trying to do, we should take advantage of that and train like older guys do, which doesn’t mean that we train less intensely, it means we train smart. It means we don’t bomb and blitz five or six days a week the way the stupid kids do who are trying to burn themselves out thinking that they are accomplishing more by doing more. For every day of exercise your body needs one or two days of rest and recovery so it can rebuild from the exercise. Remember, exercise is a stimulus-response mechanism. If you are constantly giving the stimulus and never giving your body time to respond, you’re not building yourself up, you are tearing yourself down. Having been training since I was 12, having trained in professional gyms from the age of 14, I can honestly tell you that all the kids who are following the programs in the bodybuilding magazines, in the muscle magazines, in the big time muscle books, all those folks I’ve seen in all those 40+ years of working out, all those folks who trained according to what the latest fashion fad was, never made it to train into their old ages. They all gave up, they all stopped training or they got hurt and stopped training.

The only guys who have trained consistently throughout their entire lives are the guys who did train smart, the guys who did let up, the guys who did realize that they couldn’t train like kids anymore and that all the pap in the bodybuilding magazines was absolute crap. written to sell stuff that was peddled in the magazines. For example I had a young fellow ask me in an email what I thought the best thing for packing on muscle was, and he named a bunch of different protein supplements and he named a bunch of different programs and this program, that program, this volumizing and that, all this rhetoric, all this industry-speak physiobabble that has become attached to the bodybuilding-weight lifting-weight training world; he said all that and my answer to him was very very very simple. As it was true 100 years ago, as it was true for Steve Reeves, for John Grimek, for Perry Raider and all the folks 60-70 years ago, is true now. If you want to get big, the two most important things to do are squats and drink a lot of milk. There, that just blew a whole bunch of bubbles from folks who’ve been trying to bone up on exercise stuff and are getting all wrapped up in the physiobabble of the bodybuilding magazines. A program I did forever were squats, weighted dips, weighted chins, and sit ups, you get huge on a program like that if you use enough resistance, if you do it right, don’t overdo it, 3-4 sets max, of the squats you may only need 2, and drink your milk. When I was 15 years old, I think I was putting away between a gallon to a gallon and a half of milk a day, my thighs would get so big I couldn’t fit them in my trousers anymore, and the rest of me followed suit. Your thighs and pelvis are key to gaining size everywhere else in your body. You can do all the isolation exercises you want to for your arms and shoulders. You can do all the isolation exercises you want to for your pecks or your lats. Unless you do the squats, you will still be small. The compound joint exercises where you work more than one joint, where you work most of the muscles performing a particular movement work best, remember your upper body is 70% pulling muscles, your lower body is 70% pushing muscles, according to the late Dr. Phillip Rash, find the most important pushing exercise for the lower body, the most important pulling exercise for the upper body, add abdominal and midsection work and you’ve got it all. Rash is the guy who developed the Marine Corps physical fitness program. Rash is the guy who ran the Naval Human Performance laboratory back when it was in Quantico Base, Virginia, his physiology and biomechanics were sound then, the squat idea was sound when George Hackenschmidt proposed it, when Perry Raider promulgated it, and when all of the leading bodybuilders and weight lifters of the 30s, 40s, and 50s did it to gain their championships and their championship physiques with. There was a time when bodybuilders were actually strong, not just ballooned. There was a time when bodybuilders could go into an AAU weight lifters contest and win medals. Bodybuilding is a non-contact sport. It means nothing in the real world aside from filling your sleeve up. If you want useful muscle it has to be strong. Bodybuilders look huge but relatively speaking, the bantamweight weightlifters are actually stronger than they are. And you’ll never find a bodybuilder in the World’s Strongest Man contest. What will you find there? Guys who did their squats. Guys who drank their milk. Guys who trained to actually move things and work things and not just to stand in front of a mirror and mentally masturbate. These days everyone is just like a Hollywood set. If they’re pretending to be intellectual if they’re pretending to be smart, when you really get into what they know, they are absolutely empty, either book-learning wise or philosophically. Likewise bodybuilders are just like Hollywood sets, they are beautiful on the outside, and hollow on the inside, they have no health. They have no real inner strength. Never mind that they have no real testosterone.

We need to get out of this Hollywood state of being; we need to have the depth to go along with the appearance. And do I need to say that we need to have the strength of our spiritual convictions to voice them out loud and stand up for them, even in the face of modern criticism, denial, and ridicule. This too is part of not being guilted, of speaking your heart, being happy when you speak your heart, giving voice to your heart, and standing up for what’s in your heart.
Now let’s touch on one last thing before we say goodnight. According to the Christian Science Monitor, and I will quote them: “Life is not as good as it used to be, at least in terms of your wallet. You might be right about that. The standard of living for Americans has fallen longer and more steeply over the last three years than at any time since the U.S. Government began recording it five decades ago.”

Okay, who’s been in charge of the country the last three years? Who has been responsible for this sharp, super-sharp decline in your standard of living? Who has been responsible for you not having a house? For your not having your mortgage, for your not having a job to pay your house and your mortgage. Who for the largest loss of American jobs since the Great Depression in 1929? When the industrialized cities of the Midwest and northeast, almost 50% unemployment, in all the states that had greatly inflated real estate prices, we see people not knowing who owns their houses, while the banks who don’t own their houses are trying to foreclose on the house and get custody of it. We see Government programs that were invented by the Democrats to fail like Fannie May and Freddie Mac, having failed, forcing tens of thousands of folks out of their homes and on to the streets. The unemployment rate during the Great Depression was 14-point-something %. If we add in the people who have stopped looking for work, if we add in the folks that have been dropped from the unemployment rolls, then all of the sudden the 9-point-something% that the government now claims is happening is much closer to being in the mid 20s. We are now in the second Great Depression, matter of fact it might be called the Greatest Depression, the administration is desperately looking for a large foreign war to help boost the economy just at World War II got America out of the Great Depression. I might add it did that 7 or 8 years after the rest of the world got out of the Great Depression.   The rest of the world got out of the Great Depression because they did not apply the huge socialist programs that Roosevelt did during our portion of the Great Depression. Roosevelt extended the Great Depression until 1941; the rest of the world had gotten out of the Great Depression by ‘32 or ‘36. Now these SOBs in Washington want to waste the lives and blood of our sons and daughters, want to waste the national treasure on finding a major war that will spark industry. But what industry are they going to spark? Unlike in WWII, I can’t see GM, Chrysler, and Ford building tanks or airplanes. I can’t see any companies that can go and build small arms. Most of America’s manufacturing has gone offshore, why? Because all the free trade folks in the Democrat and Republican parties have allowed it to happen, and because the Unions have made the work atmosphere in the United States so restrictive that no one wants to build factories here. Ponder over who is responsible for this and then go vote for Ron Paul. On that note, I wish you all God’s Blessings, be well, and I’ll chat with you again next week. Bye bye.

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