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Podcast #182 (undated from 2011)

Howdy, Dr. Will Wong here and welcome to tonight’s edition of “The Essentials of Life and Wellness.” You know, often I think of my role as being that of a Sioux sour-belly man. The Sioux had a medicine man, a shaman who would warn the rest of the tribes and the leaders when the ideas that they were about to carry out were wrong. The sour-belly man almost always stood in conflict with conventional opinion, he was most always denigrated for expressing his thoughts, but his role wasn’t to agree with everyone and be a yes-man to the chief, his role was to point out when things were going to go terribly bad when the problem of group-think had taken over and to point out the possible consequences of ill-thought actions. For example, General Shinseki who was the Army Chief of Staff before the invasion of Iraq pointed out that it would take considerably more troops than we had and considerably more time than the administration had thought to pacify Iraq. The RINOs (Republicans in name only), and the neocons in the Department of Defense badmouthed him, they shunned him, hastened his retirement, but basically the man was right. Everything he said was going to happen when you occupy a country actually went and did happen, but the powers that be at the time were so interested in getting to the oil in Iraq that they didn’t care what the future consequences were, they wanted the raw materials.

So here as I’ve been since I was a child, I’m going to be the sour-belly man once again for what’s happening at the CDC. Currently the Deputy Director of the CDC, Dr. Kimberly Lindsay, and her live-in boyfriend have been accused of having sex and performing bestiality, that is sex with animals, with a six year old girl. Now someone sent me an article about this having happened and he was looking at the spiritual aspect of the damage done to that child and my response to him was this:

“Howdy Anthony, thank you for sending. If this story is true, it is horrible, but this gal had just finished a study which was journal-published saying that the U.S. Government and the FBI had fabricated the evidence against the fellow accused of the anthrax attacks of 2001 and that the anthrax used was developed by a very sophisticated lab that could only have been done under government supervision due to its tin content and composition. Most of the stuff was way above my head, but the fact remains that the top anthrax expert at the CDC was basically accusing the U.S. Government of having committed the anthrax attacks as a false flag operation. You may remember that Scott Ritter, the Marine Officer and U.N. Weapons of Mass Destruction expert who said before we invaded Iraq that there were no such weapons there, and that the pretense of the invasion was false, you may remember that he was accused of sexual crimes with a child and he was discredited. But turned out, he was absolutely right, and we wasted the lives of thousands of our boys, and crippled and maimed tens of thousands of others and that’s besides the fact that we killed about a million and a half Iraqis for nothing except for the oil. Look at the folks who’ve been accused of sex crimes with minors by the feds in the last decade or so, they were all opponents of the regime and whether they were prosecuted by the Democrats or the Republicans, they were all speaking truth about the hidden agenda of the powers that be here in the U.S. and in the world. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

Now this comes on the heels of the FBI arresting, immediately after the FBI arrested an Iranian-U.S. citizen from Dallas who supposedly was masterminding a plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Now this is something that former CIA analyst Robert Bear says is a fabrication and a lead up to what he calls the start of an uncontrollable war with Iran.  All right, what do these two things have in common and why are they pieced together like this? You know Iran has one of the largest and most advanced biological warfare capacities in the world. They went and hired on a good many of the best of the old Soviet scientists when the old Soviet Union fell to develop what Mao called the “poor man’s atom bomb.” Biological weapons, but not just biological weapons but advanced biological weapons that make the old bio weapons looks tame in comparison. So here’s what to expect. Expect a release of Anthrax in the United States. Expect it to be blamed on the Iranians, expect the U.S. and Israel to attack Iran, expect Iran to counterattack with a devastating blow or advanced biological weapons against the United States, Israel, and Europe. We make the mistake in the Western World of thinking of the Iranians the same way we think of the Arabs, loud, brash, but basically pushovers when it comes to military engagements. The Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians. At the height of their Empire they owned everything from India to just shy of Greece. And while probably not quite as tough as the Turks, these people are super-tough and they are super-tenacious, once they bite they will not let go, and a war with them would be costly in terms of millions of lives lost throughout the world. But when the false flag attack happens, now that they’ve jailed the CDC’s leading anthrax researcher on what likely are trumped up and fabricated charges, or what likely her live-in lover had been ordered to do to get her in trouble, there will be no one in the United States to say “wait a minute, that anthrax didn’t come from abroad, it came from labs right here.”

Then, in another sour-belly story, the Journal “Annals of the Internal Medicine AMA” published a study that showed that, or supposedly showed that folks who take vitamins and minerals are decreasing their lifespan because vitamins and minerals are toxic. You know, I will remind you of the statistic, the very clear statistic from the CDC itself that for all the years we have records of, ending in 2008 which is the last year we have the report in, 0 people have died from taking nutritional supplements, I will repeat that, zero. No one had died in the United States taking nutritional supplements. Those same years, whatever year you care to look at, there were between 84-95,000 people dying of the side effects of medication and that’s not counting the 18-22,000 people who die regularly every year from the normal use, not the abuse, but the normal use of aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Celebrex, and all the other COX-1 COX-2 non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Actually, the Tylenol, which is acetaminophen, doesn’t qualify as an NSAID drug, it’s got its own listing, its own separate listing of how many people it kills a year. So let’s compare this over a hundred thousand people a year die from medicine and zero people die from taking nutritional supplements, but the AMA is trying to con you by telling you that taking vitamins and minerals will reduce your lifespan. What it will reduce is your dependency on drugs. We have all seen in my generation anyway, how badly the medically dependent people die. They don’t die peacefully in their beds of old age, they die horribly from some disease made worse by being drugged up so bad with poly pharmacy, with the use of many drugs, Now if you had the choice of taking many drugs or many nutrients, which would you rather take? If you had the choice of laying in bed, degenerating away, or exercising, which would you rather do? Now the study went on further to state the “very strong paternalistic laws needed to be passed” minimizing the amount of nutrients in a vitamin and mineral supplement, making it almost a placebo, down to about 10% of the RDA because the RDA itself was “too much in the way of vitamins and they are toxic.” Never mind the frikken RDA was designed around the needs, the nutritional needs of a 1oz lab mouse.

Now, why was this study, why was this fake study, this made up study published now by the AMA? Well,  if you remember Senator Dick the dick Durbin has a bill in Congress that will do exactly what this article wants you to do, it will basically ban all nutritional supplements, make the ones that are available 10% of the RDA, and make them available via prescription only. It will subject all future nutritional supplement formulations to go under the same rules of proof as drugs do, requiring about 10 years and an equal number of millions of dollars to show their safety and effectiveness. No vitamin company has that much time of that much money. Most vitamin companies aren’t even worth that much money. So that leaves the vitamins up to the big pharma boys, and you know they’re not gonna cook up anything that’s gonna be healthy for you, because if they make you healthier, you won’t need their drugs. You won’t have to stay in their hospitals. You might not need their surgeries. Certainly won’t need their long-term care. You won’t need their hospices. And entire segments of the medical industry will dry up and fall away if you get better, if you get healthy, if you stay strong without them. You know evil really is reining its ugly head down. The Antichrist is in power, people are being hit with major lies and propaganda to make Himmler seem like an amateur, some folks are waking up, both on the left and on the right, realizing that the left and right paradigm was foisted on us as a Hegelian dialectic, keep us in conflict with each other so that we never went after the real powers that are, they will continue to try to pump us full of propaganda, pump us full of their lies, make us demand our own enslavement, unless we stand up, give them the finger and tell them “it ends here,” even if it takes a revolution.

Now let’s get to your questions. The first question is: “Dr Wong, what effect if any have systemic enzymes on spinal stenosis? Thank you.”

And my answer is: “Howdy. The clinical experience with enzymes and spinal stenosis is that the enzymes do get past the brain-blood barrier and the reports on the docs using them has been that in some weeks of use the patients have decreased lower extremity pain, greater circulation, increased plantar aspect, (bottom of the feet), sensory ability, and were stronger in arising from a seated position. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

Now for those of you who don’t know what spinal stenosis is, spinal stenosis is a growth of scar tissue inside of your spinal canal, inside of your spinal column, the spinal canal is the hole inside your spinal column, which is lined with meningeal layers, just like your brain, and your spinal cord lives, breathes, and eats inside that canal. The narrower the canal is the more physical pressure there is on both the spinal cord and the spinal nerves, causing dysfunction. Everything from loss of bowel and bladder control to inability to walk or extremity paralysis, everything from fibrosis growth on the nerves and in the blood vessels causing both nerve pressure pain, the pain of the fibrosis growing around the nerve and choking it off, and the pain of ischemia, which is the pain of lack of circulation. Just like when you put a rubber band around your wrist and your hand went numb and started aching. There are several surgeries available for spinal stenosis, each one worse than the next, and in the end, all that cutting just makes your scar tissue grow faster and worse. I have yet to meet a spinal stenosis patient who has had the surgeries who is any better off after any of the surgeries than they were before. A very good doctor friend of mine who has since passed on who had spinal stenosis led the way in his own personal research in the use of systemic enzymes against the condition, and he went from being very seriously badly off to being only a minor inconvenience in his life that caused some more extremity weakness. Gone was the lower extremity pain because gone was the ischemia because of the increased circulation. Gone was the direct nerve pressure pain because gone was the scar tissue that was pressing or choking down on his nerves. The muscle mass in his thighs and pelvis immediately increased without the use of exercise. He couldn’t exercise. And once he got on the systemic enzymes, we did do a very simple free-hand calisthenics routine that he actually did in his kitchen on kitchen chairs, rising and sitting from the chairs as if you were doing squats with a certain wide stance, and that made him even stronger, but those findings we shared with other docs and they tried it with their spinal stenosis patients and all the patients had about the same results. Didn’t cure the condition, there is no cure for spinal stenosis, but it remedied the condition to the point where the patients were stronger, able to do more, able to move more, did not lose bowel and bladder control, did not lose lower extremity muscular control, and they were able to do their exercise and daily activity living with relative ease and with much lower levels of pain.

Now on to the next question: “Dr. Wong I have two questions. Number one, I have been taking your Zymessence for about two months and I seem to be urinating more frequently, is that normal? Number two, on your website you comment on maca in powder and capsule forms, which is better? Thank you in advance.”

And my answer is: “Nope, there is no link between systemic enzymes and frequency of urination. That is usually due to lack of insufficient production of aldosterone by the adrenal glands and it may be a sign of adrenal exhaustion. Maca powder is great if you take the three-to-six tablespoons a day of the stuff. I did that for a decade. Doses smaller than three tablespoons don’t do anything. We found a complete extract of maca with all of the factors that make it do its physiological wonders, and now three to six capsules equals three to six tablespoons. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

Now I’ve been asked to comment on the combination of arginine and citrulline to help create nitric oxide, there is a book called “No More Heart Disease” that claims that this is THE thing for preventing heart disease, and while it is very important to maintain dilated blood vessels to the heart.   The notion that one thing and one thing alone will cure of prevent all heart disease is absolutely ludicrous. Having open blood vessels to the heart and having better blood circulation will prevent a good bit of the ischemia that helps to bring on a heart attack, but it will not prevent the thinning of the heart wall due to a lack of exercise, the thinning of the heart wall can cause what’s known as a cardiac blowout where the heart wall actually blows open like a tire, there’s no cure for that, with a cardiac blowout you are dead, because the nitric oxide is not going to make your heart muscle thicker and stronger. Only exercise will. Nitric oxide will not prevent the deposition of arterial plaque and while dilating them blood vessels may work around some of the occlusion that arterial plaque causes, it won’t cure it and it won’t make it go away. And lastly we have the issue that in older adults, i.e. old for over 35, we make a whole heck of a lot of something called PDE-5, and that PDE-5 destroys nitric oxide. So we can put in all the stuff to make tons and tons of nitric oxide, but if we also have a big load of PDE-5 as we do after 35, as we certainly do after 40, as we definitely do after 50, you won’t keep that nitric oxide for very long. And then you will have to take stuff like Viagra, like Cialis, like the herbal pro-erection products to fight the PDE-5 to maintain the nitric oxide’s life for longer and have higher levels of nitric oxide in your blood vessels. As a matter of fact, to cover all of your bases, if you’re going to do that arginine and citrulline combination, if you’re going to try to make more nitric oxide in your blood vessels, you need to throw in the Viagra, the Cialis, the Levitra, or the supplements that have the herbal versions of those drugs, the pro-erection supplements. Remember that those drugs were developed based on a Chinese lichen called cnidium monnieri. They found this moss on this rock, the Chinese have been using it for a thousand years to help erections, they extracted what works out of the moss, gave it a drug chemical name, and bingo. All of the sudden, they’ve got a drug called whatever for erections. As I told you some years ago, Viagra was first developed as an anti-Alzheimer’s drug to try to increase the circulation of the brains of Alzheimer’s patients and to increase the circulation to the heart of cardiac patients, and for that it works wonderfully. But they knew when they saw the side effect in creating huge erections in their test subjects, the drug companies knew that they could make more money by selling it as a pro-erection product than as an Alzheimer’s or a cardiac product. So there went the thrust. Matter of fact, there is a version of Viagra with a different name sold as an anti-Alzheimer’s med. So if we take the products with the cnidium monnieri, the pro-erection products and we throw in the nitric oxide makers such as arginine, such as citrulline, such as tri methyl glycine, then we put in all of the components we need to not only make nitric oxide, but to maintain it in our bodies for longer so it can actually have the vasodilatitive effects that we want it to have.

But is that the do-all end-all for heart disease? Absolutely not. You still have to do aerobic exercise to get your heart stronger. Your heart muscle needs to be thicker, just like your biceps need to be thicker if you want them to do lifting work. Having a thin-walled heart is like putting a Volkswagen engine in a Mac truck body. It’s going to break down. Not eating away at the arterial plaque, not dissolving it away will also cause you to have blood insufficiency problems to the heart. So while the nitric oxide thing may be one of several components to a healthy heart, it certainly ain’t the only one.

Got an email from a gal who has chronic asthma and chronic bronchitis, they have her currently on the prednisone and the hydrocortisone steroids to try to fight the inflammation in her lungs and she wants to know if there’s anything alternative that she can do. And my answer is: “Howdy. As a childhood asthmatic who got his asthma back after age 50, I can understand your plight. Aside from having taken patients through lung rehab, I have also had 44-45 bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia in my lifetime, so I’m very familiar with lung issues. I’ve tried the cortico steroids for adrenal exhaustion until the shape of my head and face changed, I stopped taking them then. Let’s look what can be done in terms of natural medicine. 50% of asthma is stress-related, so lower your stress or in lieu of lowering that stress, lower your body’s overreaction to it. For such, I suggest the combination of two supplements: the lithium oratate, from, one capsule three times a day, taken with a supplement we make called Equanimity, one capsule three times a day. Now to lower the bronchia inflammation, thin the mucous, and eat away at the scar tissue the asthma is building in your lungs, Zymessence. Next, to help rebuild and maintain lung tissue, remembering that the lungs rebuild every seven years, zinc citrate, 100-200 milligrams daily…”

Now I’ll step aside here to remind you folks that zinc is to epithelial tissue as calcium is to bone, according to Ham’s Histology, zinc is the most abundant mineral, the building block for epithelial tissue and the epithelial tissues are the internal organs, the skin, the muscles, and the eyes. Okay, getting back to the email:

“Then to open bronchial passages, clear mucous and ease breathing, Bronkaid. One capsule every 4-6 hours or as needed. Hope this all helps, be well and God bless, Dr. Wong.”

You know, I was so sick as a kid that I’m surprised I made it to my teens, never mind making it to a relatively old age. Age 1-6 I was plagued with respiratory and throat tonsillitis infections, from age 7 onward the asthma set in along with the chronic bronchitis and then into the pneumonia, and I can usually expect to get one bout of pneumonia a year every year somewhere between November and March. And yes some health food fanatics should say, or would say that I shouldn’t be getting sick at all if my stuff really worked, nothing would have ever happened to me. You know, there are some gifted people out there who never get sick and there are some gifted people out there who own or work for vitamin companies who have never been sick, but I am not one of them. I am the worst case scenario, so that when I come up with whatever it is that I need to do to take care of whatever ills I have, from chronic fatigue to fibrosis in the lungs to whatever else, since I am the extreme case and it works for me, it works just dandy for everyone else. Dr. Charles W. Turner, God rest his soul, my beloved mentor, called that “healer’s disease.” That man could heal by the laying on of hands, that man had magic energy coming out of his hands, that man had magic potions and salves and ointments and poultices that could cure just about anything in anybody, and yet he was the worst case scenario in all of the illnesses that he got, so that when he came upon the same illnesses in others he could easily take care of them.

And touching on the one fibrosis issue here for a second, a few years before the late Dr. John White of Winston-Salem, who is a pulmonologist, used systemic enzymes with his COPD, PF, and emphysema patients, I had the occasion to be on systemic enzymes for the herniated disks that I had, and after a few months, I had to get an x-ray, I believe it was an insurance x-ray, of my lungs and of my thoracic spine just so I could take a look and see that I never had tuberculosis. Well, knowing what my lungs looked like in my old thoracic x-rays and knowing, being able to see all the spider webs of scar tissue that I had there, I know that my lungs from the asthma and the pneumonia and the bronchitis, had a good bit of scar tissue in it. These x-rays that were taken rather surprised me, because the amount of scar tissue, the white spider web-looking stuff that you can see on an x-ray was actually considerably less than it had been in the older pictures; that was never supposed to happen. That was the first inkling I got that not only were the systemic enzymes eating away at fibrosis and arterial plaque in old surgeries, in old injuries, eating away at the fibrosis inside of internal organs, shrinking their size and diminishing their function, but they were also giving me extra lung capacity as they were eating away at the fibrosis that had been building up in my lungs. Since then we have had a good many, about triple digit numbers of pulmonary patients, COPD patients, and emphysema patients who have used the systemic enzymes, who has taken the time to contact us to tell us about their experiences with systemic enzymes and their conditions, and with one exception, one exception only, all of them had greater respiratory volume, which is known as vital capacity.  All of them had an increase in blood-oxygen levels, which is called SA O-2, all of them had greater endurance in their activities of daily living, and some of them even went back to having sex they felt so good. And in each and every case of improvement, the doctors thought it was just spontaneous remission and would not listen when the patients told them that they were taking a systemic enzyme product.  Oh well. The docs were just covering their asses because they know they can get censured and fined for recommending or even thinking about using a non-drug or non-surgery-related therapy. But for lung issues the enzymes work, they work very well at relieving the inflammation and eating away at the scar tissue, and that leaves a patient much better off. And on that thought, I will wish you all God’s blessings, be well, and I’ll chat with you again next week. Bye bye.

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