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Podcast #181 (undated from 2011)

Howdy, Doctor Will Wong here and welcome to tonight’s edition of “The Essentials of Life and Wellness.” You know, I probably really ticked somebody off in the US federal government or at FDA when I was complaining about Dick ‘The Dick’ Durban’s new anti-supplement bill, because since then all we’ve gotten, well not all we’ve gotten, that’s an exaggeration, but we’ve gotten a good many folks emailing us and calling us trying to make us say things like ‘Make claims about our products and their use against diseases’ which is expressly against federal law. We tiptoe very carefully through that minefield and we are very wary of anyone who is ‘absolutely trying to make us say’ certain things about our products. Now in this industry, salesmen who are not owners of nutritional companies say all sorts of things about nutritional products because they want the commission and the products themselves be damned. Most of the salesmen in this industry come from either the furniture industry or the used car industry and they don’t know their rat’s ass about anything concerning nutrition. They read from a script, they have some inkling of what a particular nutritional supplement or particular nutritional supplements do, and they say all sorts of stuff and make all sorts of claims. They are not the owners of those companies but they can get those companies in trouble. Well we are the owners of our company. We don’t have salesmen. We don’t have anyone making claims for our products. We have some very nice people out there saying how the products improved their lives and we have protocols on the use of particular aspects of our products in the amelioration of certain physical conditions but we personally make no disease claims about curing anything with anything we make. I was taught years ago by another fellow who owned a nutritional company that when folks are pressing you to make statements about the curative properties of particular supplements against certain diseases, that is a set-up. There’s a recording going on, they are taping you, they are doing whatever it is to build up a case against you so FDA can come in, kick your door down, and do the Gestapo thing. And typically nutritional companies that don’t have any supplements that actually have any physiological actions are completely left alone. They’re what the FDA wants you to think about nutritional supplements. They don’t do jack-poop. But companies that have stuff that actually has a physiological action, and again I’m tip-toeing around the tulips here, but companies that actually have products work against something or that actually do something have to be really really careful because FDA hates those companies because the pharmaceutical companies hate those companies, those nutritional companies that actually have a nutritional supplement that has a physiological action. Because if you could improve the nutrition of a person, you won’t be needing drugs. Whoever routinely uses nutritional supplements and exercise mostly avoids the use of drugs and hospitalization. And the medical industry makes no money off of them or makes very little money off of them.

You know, it always tickles me to deal with certain members of the older generation, my parents’ generation; they were brought up to believe that doctors were gods, that they were here to make you healthy, that they took a solemn oath to do things, to maintain the health and well-being of mankind, and that what they said was tantamount to scripture and it was God-given law. Also they believed that the drug companies were here for the betterment of mankind and to make all diseases go away. There was a pill for every ill and soon man was going to conquer, the drug companies were going to conquer every disease. You just had to believe in the drug companies, you had to believe in the doctors, and you had to have faith. That innocence of that generation was severely manipulated and what bugs me is that even when the doctors have them taking twenty to thirty medicines at a time, even when they see that they’re badly dying, even when they see how badly they’ve been manipulated, used, abused, and cast out by the drug companies, they still maintain this simplistic faith.

As one who, for forty-plus years, has tried to hit the seniors, my parents’ generation, upside the head with a brick, and show them that the medical industry cares not one whit about them except to squeeze as much money as they possibly can out of them and they’re diseases, I have basically stopped banging my head against the wall and I’ve stopped trying to convince these guys of anything. Let them die badly. Let medicine have their way with them. Let medicine squeeze every last living penny out of them because my parents’ generation are on the whole un-educable, and that fairy-tale that they were taught about doctors and about the medical industry can’t be removed from their programming. They’re all dying out. It’s going to be a moot point soon. There won’t be anyone left in my parents’ generation pretty soon.

Hell, my generation’s dying out pretty fast, although not fast enough to not cause a collapse in both the social security system and the US economy if Obongo doesn’t crash the system way before that. But that simplistic belief lingers on; that the medical industry, that doctors, are generally here for your betterment, for the health of mankind, and for the well being of mankind. And it’s that wide-eyed openness to being snookered that really drives me nuts and has driven me nuts about my parents’ generation my entire life. And it’s the disbelief that the Baby Boomers and the subsequent generations have in the medical system that is driving the medical system to madness because we don’t believe in them the way the World War Two, Great Depression generation believe in them. We don’t believe that they’re gods. We don’t believe that they have all the answers. And we certainly frikkin’ don’t believe they have our best interest at heart and even though the money making potential for the Baby Boomer generation is so great because the generation is so big they are thinking that they’re going to be losing money, they’re going to be losing cash because alternative medicine and chiropractic and nutrition are on the rise and for every person who goes to see a chiropractor, for every person who goes to see a naturopath, for every person who takes nutritional supplements, the AMA has admitted in the April issue of the, what was it? I think it was the 2004 or 2005 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, they lose six-digit amounts of money, I forget what the figure is, but the medical system loses six-digit figures for every person who tries alternative medicine. Well bravo for us! Let’s make the sucks absolutely firkin’ broke.

Now to change gears somewhat here, let me tell you about a firebrand conservative gal named Ann Barnhardt. This gal has a channel on YouTube, you absolutely have to go see her stuff. She is dead on at just about everything she says. This gal is… can’t be anymore than late-20s, early to mid-30s, no she can’t even be in her mid-30s. One of the smartest whips I have ever seen. One of the most, sharpest minds with the sharpest wit. And what great intellect this woman has. But the specific lecture I want you to listen to is the four part lecture on Islamic sexuality. So type in ‘Ann Barnhardt’, B-A-R-N-H-A-R-D-T and ‘Islamic sexuality’ into YouTube and you will find the lecture series. It will absolutely shock the crap out of you as it did me and you will find out things about Islam, about the teachings of the major mullahs and ayatollahs in Islam, and about the teachings of the Qur’an that you never knew existed and that you need to be protected from because Islam wants to impose Sharia Law on every country they live in, even if they’re in the minority. I think five percent, less than zero-point-five percent of the US population is Islamic, yet they want the states to impose Sharia Law upon us. Wait until you see the horrors that Sharia Law will bring to you, to your community, and to everyone else of every other religion. Wait until you see the perversion, wait until you hear about the perversion that Sharia Law will bring upon our communities and our society. Are you ready for full-blown pedophilia? If you’re not, listen to Ann Barnhardt and listen to her now.

And again in a completely different news story, the CDC has been calling private homes and asking parents about their children’s vaccinations, they are asking them to pull the child’s immunization records and give them details about the immunizations over the phone, interrogating them as if they were criminals and inferring that if they don’t have the child vaccinated they’re going to get into legal trouble. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most all states have a way of opting out of their vaccination program, either from moral or religious reasons, and these deferments allow you to send your children to school without the vaccinations. So if you happen to be one of those parents that the CDC calls, tell these feds to go eff themselves and hang up the phone really really really really hard.

Now most of you have heard of The Amazing Randy. Randy goes around supposedly debunking either magicians or psychics, but lately he’s been debunking natural and alternative health. Well it turns out that Randy, who is closely associated, by the way, with the Quackbusters organization that supposedly, again, debunks natural health, Randy, or better said, Randy’s live-in lover, Jose Alvarez, has been arrested for impersonating a US citizen. Seems this fellow is an illegal alien, no one knows who he really is, he’s gone around lecturing on art and mysticism, but he stole someone else’s name and Social Security number over twenty years ago and he’s been passing himself around as this Alvarez fellow for twenty years. Now Randy will tell you, Randy admits that he’s the one who created Alvarez’s persona and made him what he is today in the field of art and debunking stuff. So how guilty is Randy for helping Alvarez to steal the identity? And how guilty are both of these dark souls and the Quackbusters organization for helping the drug industry con people into longer suffering and possibly death because they supposedly go around debunking all the natural health treatments that actually really work. And at the end of it all, where do these people make their money? How have they made a living at this stuff for over twenty years if they weren’t funded by the drug industry?

Now a new study by the Dutch Academic Medical Center and Institute for Neuroscience has found that seniors who take one Aspirin a day are more than twice as likely to get macular degeneration and blindness. Now that in itself is a very odd finding because what sparks macular degeneration besides a very severe lifelong zinc deficiency is inflammation. Well, the Aspirin should be helping with the inflammation but just like the Cox-two inhibitors caused inflammation in the heart and caused heart disease and strokes, it seems that Aspirin causes inflammation in the eye leading to macular degeneration. Now I fully expect to see rebuttals to this study done by Aspirin giants like Bayer, but again the fact remains that some of the Cox-1 and Cox-2 anti-inflammatory drugs in and of themselves can cause inflammation. Now that’s besides the fact that Aspirin and all the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, both Cox-1 and Cox-2, can cause kidney failure, liver failure, or intestinal hemorrhage, which again, in America, kills between 18,000-22,000 people per year according to the Morbidity and Mortality Report of the CDC. Aspirin anyone?

Now as you might know, I have never liked the government targets for any food or nutrient; not the RDA’s for vitamins and minerals, and not their target on salt. And there is a new study showing that – actually there are a couple of new studies – showing that salt intake has no effect on blood pressure or heart disease. Well golly golly golly! And these researchers are calling the government target of 1500mg of salt per day maximum for Americans fifty-one and over “capricious and arbitrary.” Now, coming from a Chinese and Caribbean background I have often wondered how people can eat food without salt. It absolutely tastes horrible. Also, remembering my physiology, people are saltwater. So what happens when our sodium ratios decline, our acid levels go up because the sodium helps to maintain our pH? What happens when we become less salty in our salt water and more acidic in our internal environment then we were before? Aren’t we opening ourselves up to disease, especially infectious disease or long-term degenerative disease? Or catastrophic diseases such as Cancer because Cancer patients need to have an environment of two to four pH in order for the Cancer to grow. So if we cut back on our salt and we cut back on our ability to have one of the main alkalinizers of our body, again remember, we are salt water inside. Oh and I forgot – the chloride in the salt helps you to fight off bugs and infection. So what actually are the long-term repercussions, in terms of health, of reducing your salt intake? Of making yourself less salt water than you were before in your internal body fluids? Of allowing your pH to become more acidic? What are the long-term consequences of that? And since we in America, and in the world, are no healthier now after all the salt and fat restrictions, we are a damn sight sicker, it doesn’t make any sense at all to keep on beating that dead horse, pretending that it’s going to work when the studies now show that it doesn’t.

Now I will direct your attention to an article in titled “Gratitude is the Heart’s Memory” by Father Thomas Rosica. This warm and fuzzy article about sacrifice, love, and thanksgiving was written for the Canadian Thanksgiving feast, which happens this month. Father Rosica touches on the qualities of a grateful people. And these are qualities that we should all try to emulate. Please go find the article on and again the article is titled “Gratitude is the Heart’s Memory.”

Now for those of you folks who use the Sinest product to fight estrogen and di-hydro testosterone, we now have it back in stock and, I have to say, it is stronger than it was before. The Sinest has had a great record at lowering not only the conversion level of testosterone into estrogen and estrogen and testosterone into di hydro testosterone, it also has been found to help significantly lower PSA levels. Not that I’m a counter of PSA, I never get involved with that. But in those prostate patients who have used the Sinest to help reduce the estrogen that causes the swelling it has worked magnificently and significantly lowered PSA numbers. Usually from the double-digit range to the very low single-digit range. I said before with our original Sinest formula that the only thing stronger than Sinest to help control estrogen and di-hydro testosterone was the drug Arimidex. Well that goes double now with our new and stronger formula. We have revamped the Primoris anti-aging supplement also, and when that finally comes out in production in about a month and change we expect folks will find it significantly stronger at helping your body to make its own IGF-1.

Now again we change gears and go on a completely different tack and I ask you to go to a website called “The History of the Future”. It’s website address is That’s I want you to read his article called “How Do We Reindustrialize America?” The website is called “The History of the Future”, the article is called “How Do We Reindustrialize America?” I urge you all to sit and read it because that type of thinking is the only hope for America not turning into a third world country.

Now those of you old enough to remember the Swine Flu debacle of the late 1970s remember that many of the folks who got the injections also got a disease called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which is a neurological disease that leads to paralysis. Well guess what’s happening now with the H1-N1 flu vaccine. You guessed it! The exact same Guillain-Barré syndrome is happening and enough cases are happening that it’s caught the attention of the CDC. Now is this the reason why fifty percent of the doctors in the western world have refused to give themselves and their families the H1-N1 flu shot? And then you have to ask the moral question: if they’re refusing to take it, why are they administering it? I’ve only heard of one doc say publicly that patients shouldn’t get a flu shot or this particular flu shot. And here again I will remind you that as we learned from the fellow who used to head Merck’s vaccine division the injections, the inoculations, are not just meant to keep you from getting the disease. 

You know, inoculations actually work pretty well for that. We see that with the animal inoculations. Why are there so few side effects? Why are there so few neurological problems? Why are there so few deaths? Why are there so few cases of substantial brain damage or anything with the animal inoculations than there are with the human inoculations? What is it about the human inoculations they can’t quite get right? What is it about the human inoculations that they’re not telling us that they’re putting in there? To change our behavior maybe? To change our way of thinking? To make us more manageable? To make us more docile? What is it about the human inoculations that they don’t put in the animal inoculations that are making us sick? And ultimately, what’s the agenda for them doing that? Now this doc from Merck freely admitted that there were wild green monkey viruses in most all the vaccines that he created because they got them, they cultured these things in the blood of green monkeys, so they got the virus that they wanted to culture along with all the other viruses the monkey just happened to have. Some of which included the virus that eventually turned into HIV, which was called HTLV-1. If we know all this, if this is public knowledge, why is the majority of the population still acting like sheeple and refusing to believe that these bloody things are dangerous?

Now I don’t know about you, but I love bees. I’ve always wanted to be a beekeeper. Beekeeping is something I have always wanted to do because I love those little industrious guys. There has been a major die-off of bees in Florida. Now this is somewhat in keeping with the die-off of bees that has been happening throughout the United States and I think throughout the world. And for those of you who don’t know how important bees are, we get more than honey from bees. Bees are the prime pollinators of our food crops. Without bees there would hardly be any food crop, especially grain crops. Bees are vitally important to mankind’s being able to eat. So when millions and millions and millions of bees and hundreds and thousands of beehives die off it’s a matter for concern. And here, in one farm in Brevard, Florida, four hundred beehives died. The owner of the hives says it looks as if they were poisoned. And if so, was it accidental or deliberate? Is the case of bees dying all over the world accidental or deliberate? And if it’s deliberate, is it part of the UN’s Agenda 21, to try to lower the world’s population this time via starvation?

And speaking of starvation, the country of North Korea, with its illustrious leader, that absolutely loony bin Kim Jong Il, is on the verge of starvation. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get the North Koreans to kick the son-of-a-bitch out, to execute him and his entire family to make sure that his son doesn’t take power as he’s slated to do, but somebody up there needs to realize that the ‘Peoples Republic of Korea’ doesn’t represent the people at all, never has, and that for the good of their people they need to get rid of the guy in power. The contrast between the capitalist system of South Korea with its affluence and abundance is a sharp 180 degrees from the abject poverty, misery, and starvation of North Korea. Now I know the eco-yuppies love looking at pictures of North Korea taken at night from satellites because the entire place is dark, not a light bulb lit up anywhere, and that’s exactly what the eco-yuppies want; they don’t want any electricity, they want sustainable whatever. But then they’re going to complain about campfires, we won’t be able to have campfires because ‘we’re using up the natural resources, burning them, we’re burning the forests down’ in having campfires. Eco-yuppies aren’t going to be happy with anything, let me not stray from the point, I go off on tangents here, you folks know I do, I’m sorry about that. If you ever needed a clear example that mercantilism and capitalism are the economic way to go and that communism is an absolute failure, just look at the two Koreas.

Now in the Middle East we have a very interesting situation building up. Don’t know if anyone’s noticed but there might be a three-way war there soon. First you’ve got the Turks, who are really miffed at the Israelis for blocking the shipments of food and supplies to Gaza, and they are saying that they are going to escort the next flotilla of supplies with Turkish naval vessels, which the Israelis are sure to try to intercept and that will create a shooting war. Then we’ve got the Turks telling the Syrians that Assad needs to get out of power and needs to step aside so that the Arab Spring can happen in Syria. Meanwhile, Assad is telling the Turks that if NATO (because remember, Turkey is part of NATO) attacks Syria, then he will attack Tel Aviv. Well the Israelis will surely respond, probably will nukes, turn Damascus into glass, but you’ll have this really weird situation where the Turks and the Israelis will be fighting the Syrians, meanwhile the Turks and the Israelis are fighting each other, that’s just too weird to comprehend, even for the Middle East. And on that note, I will wish you all God’s blessings. Be well, and I’ll chat with you again next week. Bye bye.

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